(Closed) Zello ATC @ KASE - 072100ZJUN16

I’ll join. Do you use proper fallouts such as wind info on takeoff?

Yes Ask for Windcheck to receive the info

You don’t have to though. A takeoff clearance should be as follows:

“Cleared for takeoff, rwyXX, N1FD. Wind is calm, 4kts Easternly.” Or similar.

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And do you use taxiway names in taxi instructions?

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Yeah we do

Great see me there.

We do do that in

Please come on by on the Zello channel whirlwind VA

I may be able to come in 10 minutes.

Sounds great. See you there


Guys don’t forget to tune in to the whirlwind Va channel on Zello

This is over right?..

Yessir finished an hour ago it was a lot of fun. @FreightDog

Hi the 757 is not to big for KASE is it because I got reported by a controller called Jordan he ghosted me and now I have gone back down to grade 2 from grade 4 now I’m not happy please help me

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Hi. Personally, the 757 is to big at KASE. Sorry. I would have loved to help. @Flacky

OK thanks for the help

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No problem, keep flying @Flacky

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Please redo it. :)

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