[Closed] Zello ATC event @ WSSS - 152000ZFEB16

When would the event end, if you don’t mind me asking?

There isn’t a fixed end time, I reckon 2200Z, could be sooner, could be later.

I see… The timing isn’t that suitable for me as I’ve lessons from 0000Z to 0900Z

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That’s unfortunate, hope to see you in a future event!

Sure, keep in touch! ^^

Ladies and Gentlemen, there are only 2 hours until the event, hope to see you there!

Charts are right here. Expect the 02s at WSSS and 34s at WMKK.

Just 1hr 20mins

Guys what planes yall flying in?

This is going to b fun

Please can someone come speak on wsss ground

Can you tell me how to speak to clearance delivery/how it works? please

It’s just like atc it’s good. U just press a button and then u can speak

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It’s gud real gud

I know how Zello works! I want to know what to say to Clearance delivery.

Clearance delivery is something that is done to take the strain off the tower controllers. You will request clearance like this: “Clearance Delivery, good morning, callsign, requesting IFR clearance to arrival airport.” Then clearance delivery will instruct you on how to fly the first stage of departure according to one of the departures on the PDF charts attached in the event posting. You’ll receive a clearance like this: “callsign, cleared to arrival airport as filed via the Departure route departure, climb and maintain 6000 feet after departure, squawk 3125” Then you need to first read back the clearance to the controller, who will inform you if you have the clearance correct or not. Then program your flight plan to mirror the one on the departure chart. A pen and paper will come in handy when copying everything down. Then just follow the route and ATC instructions along the way.

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Thank you! Are the first charts the departures? Also is it just a realistic flight?

The charts are provided at the links in the first post.

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Do we get given gates or do we just start at any gate

Lol I’ve already contacted ground already

I heard you haha