[Closed] Zello ATC event @ WSSS - 152000ZFEB16

Server: Free Flight Server

Region: Singapore and Kuala Lumpur

Airport: WSSS-WMKK

Time: 2000Z

NOTAMS: See details below
Myself, along with a few fellow controllers would like to invite you to participate in a flight from WSSS to WMKK and/or in reverse with full ATC services in accordance with established SIDs, STARs, and airways.

Charts can be found on the links below:

Frequencies (On Zello):
WSSS Ground (124.3)
WSSS Tower (118.6)
WSSS Approach (120.3)
WMKK Approach (119.45)
WMKK Tower (118.8)
WMKK Ground (121.65)


  1. Clearance Delivery will be offered and required during the event to ensure smooth traffic flow. Please request a departure clearance from the ground controller before requesting pushback. The ground controller will issue a departure route that you must follow unless otherwise cleared in order to facilitate collaboration between controllers.
  2. Approach controllers will issue en route height and speed instructions for the cruise phase of flight as well as a designated handover point to the next approach controller, please follow those instructions, if you’re not sure or are confused about a command, please ask.

I hope to see you there at the designated time and let’s have some fun! Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

Danman :)


Acknowledge as your instruction sir

Bojio! Can I join as WSSS ATC?

I’ll be there tonight and Ill also be on zello

Actually can i do atc for wsss Tower?

The controllers are already all lined up. It will be happening on Monday afternoon in North America. Monday evening in Europe, and early Tuesday morning in Asia.

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Zello channel name at least?

All listed in the event posting.

I don’t see a channel name anywhere

Quoting my Original post:

And those are the channel names?

Yes, those are the channel names

You said there’ll be CLD… 121.65 for WSSS_DEL please!

CLD will be done through ground frequency.

Which is not advisable.

How so? A lot of airports so CLD through their ground frequency. Even the largest of airports may not offer a dedicated CLD frequency when you’re not departing during peak hours. VATSIM and IVAO often have ground offering clearance delivery services. My local airport offers CLD services through the ground frequency. The controller just has to manage airtime correctly.

Well if there’s a separate frequency, why not?!

Because there is no need to? Deciding what not to do is sometimes more important than deciding what to do. I understand the “use it if it’s there” mentality, but it’s frankly unnecessary.

I’ll be there tomorrow flying in probably an Airbus A320 or A319 see you there on zello!

Excellent, see you tomorrow!