[Closed]Zello ATC Evening @ EDDL - 022100ZDEC16


Hello my fellow community pilots. I am glad to present my first Coop-Zello Event with @JGK00.
This time we heading to my Home Region again, this time to Düsseldorf.

Server: Casual

Region: Amsterdam Region

Airport: EDDL

Time: 2100Z

NOTAM: As the most of you know we will use correct Airport and APP/DEPCharts for all major Airports in the whole Region.

Here you find charts for Germany:

Here you find charts for the Netherlands:

Here you find Charts for Belgium:

Due to the fact that I pair up with @JGK00 there are some changes in the Communication.
We provide our Service on TWO DIFFERENTCHANNELS.

This is my Channel for CLR/GND/TWR:

This is Johns Channel for DEP/APP/CTR:

Here are some final Information:
1.)Know the charts
2.) Be part of both Zello Channels
3.) Have Fun

Best regards,

IFATC Lars T (IFATC Specialist)



Hey @Lars_Thorein 😀 Great idea! I will do my best to join. Please change the title into EDDL - 022100ZDEC16 lol! Blue skies

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I will have to miss it again…
I’m so sorry. I have school at that time

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This is cool, really want to come!

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Hey I am a little less experienced and my first time in a verbal ATC event,I was wondering if I was allowed to attend,I think understand most of the ATC communication,difference between IFR and VFR,Ive been using air charts,European ones where a little harder to understand.I am just saying to let you know I might not be 100%,and if I’d be allowed to attend,I’ll do my best though.I also may have some questions,sorry for the paragraph :/

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Yeah for sure you are allowed to attend. Feel free to improve your skills in this Event😉

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Hopefully I can attend this!

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Sounds great

Good day thank you for hosting this event what app do i need to use for communication with ATC

As the title sais you need the App “ZELLO” for communication

Attention all Pilots Event starts in 4.30h.
Last important information:

1.) Expect ATIS 40-30 min before the Event starts in a comment and shortly before on the Zello Channel.

2.) Please file a Flightplan after receiving your Clearence.

3.) Notify Controller with current ATIS Information Letter, parking position and Destination of Flight.

4.) First Frequency to contact is for both IFR and VFR is Düsseldorf Clearence Delivery.

See you later

//IFATC Lars T

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Thank you for putting the event together - I’ll do my best to attend… will be my first one on a Zello Channel, hopefully I won’t screw up :-D

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QUESTION,can I request IFR back to EDDL on CTR AFTER I have DEPARTED another airport?Or do I I just request vectors for ILS?

When you are airborn you have to request Vectoring to EDDL.
When you have landed at another Airport you have to receive a New Clearence

With EDDL Departure,Yes?

Imagine: you are airborn and contact Langen Radar (EDDL Departure) and you want to come back just request it and John will do the trick

Thank you sir :)

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No prob
See ya later

Sorry but just one more thing sir,I am at another airport,I want to receive clearance back to EDDL I contact YOU on your frequency for clearance.

Yep your can do on my channel. "(Name of Airport) Clearence, (Callsign) at stand ××× requesting IFR Clearence to Düsseldorf"
And no reason to apologise. Just ask if you have a question