[Closed] Zello ATC @ EDDK - 211900ZAUG16

Server: Casual

Region: Amsterdam Region

Airport: EDDK

Time: 1900Z-2100Z

NOTAM: Join me at the Casual Sever for two hours of Fun and verbal ATC. The Zello Channel named ‘‘EDDK Cologne ATC Overall’’. I wil provide Delivery, Ground and Tower on the same Channel 'cause I’m working alone. I will use real Aerodrome and Departure Charts so be prepared. Also pattern work in German and Englisch is welcome. I will place my own Aircraft at Gate A1 so don’t use this. I hope I see some of you at the ‘‘Cologne-Bonn Airport’’ for some Fun and Practice.


Here you can find charts for EDDK:


See ya!😎

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Remember Event starts in 4.30h

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I will try to swing by.

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This sounds pretty cool. I’d like to join but I’m not familiar with ZELLO. Is this something I need do download or how does it work? Thanks in advance.

Go to the App or Play Store download Zello join search my channel and join.
Just simple @ODW

Aren’t you the one that did Oshkosh?

Yesterday I was in Oshkosh as a Pilot

Oh, ok. Just wondering.

No problem buddy ☺

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Do you come later? @Daniel_Cerritos

I need a Zulu converter :3 I can’t read Zulu lulz.

In which Time Zone do you live? @Daniel_Cerritos

Eastern time zone, USA.

@Daniel_Cerritos It must be 3pm EDT

Ah no, sorry. I am busy at that time. Maybe later.

@Daniel_Cerritos The Event goes until 5pm EDT. Maybe we see us

Event starts in 2h. Just exited. 😎✈

I’ll see what I can do to fly in the event 😎😁

You said clearance, ground, and tower would be open, what about approach and departure