[Closed]Zello ATC @ EDDK - 012000ZOCT16

Server: Casual

Region: Amsterdam Region

Airport: EDDK

Time: 2000Z

NOTAM: Hello @all. I am proud to announce my third Zello ATC Event, this time at my ‘‘Home-Base’’ Koeln-Bonn.



(Not my Photos)

I will use only IFR-Charts. But VFR is also welcome. ATC Coverage for nearby Airports upon request. I will provide Clearence,Ground;Tower and Depature for sure. APP and CTR upon request.

Join ths Zello Channel:

Newcom Infinite Flight (This channel will rest for all my future ATC Events)

Here you can find charts for Germany:

Here you can find charts for the Netherlands:

Here you can find charts for Belgium:

Hope to see some of you there!
Always a good flight!
Feedback would be great

Event Information

EDDK 011850Z 19007KT 9999 FEW039 BKN100 14/12 Q1009 NOSIG


This is Cologne-Bonn Airport-Information ALPHA-Met Report Time 1900Z-expect ILS RWY14L via KOPAG 14 Transition-Transition Level 60-wind 19007KT-visibilety 9999-Few clouds on 3600-Broken Clouds on 10000-Temperature 14-Dewpoint 12-QNH1009-NOSIG-Departing Aircraft expect RWY 14L/14R via COL1F/COL6E Departure-Initial Climb 5000-RWY Exit Points after Landing A3-Pattern Altitud 1500MSL-When passing 2000 contac Langen Radar on 118.750-All VFR and IFR Traffic say Direction of Flight-VFR expect Directs to Transition COLA than as filed-First contact for IFR will be ‘‘Cologne Delivery’’ on 121.850-First contact for VFR will be ‘‘Cologne Ground’’ on 121.720-All VFR Traffic spawn at GAT-Read Back all Instructions-Mention QNH on Initial Contact-Advise Controller on Initial Contact with your Gate, Direction of Fligth and Weather Information ALPHA-Please be patient and follow all Instructions-Airport Information ALPHA out


Hey @Lars_Thorein: thank you for organizing one more event! You can count me in for sure. I have enjoyed a lot last one and I am looking forward to improve my “voice” with your help.
Happy landings and… bis bald in Köln! 😉


See ya! Köln wartet…

I so HOPE I can make it to this one.

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Will try to make it! Last one was epic and I’m sure this one will be just as good! Now I just need to choose what to fly 🤔

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And I am sure that you make a good choice

Event in 8 Days…😎

I will be attending!

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Would come, but my parents won’t let me buy myself live again… :(

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Thats bad… Good luck. Maybe next time

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Perfect. Will see ya!

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Event in 5 Days 😎

Expect ATIS Information 30-20 Minutes before the Event starts and also on the Zello Channel 10-5 Minutes before the Event starts.
ATIS will be available in a comment and Not in the Original Post.
Looking Forward to See All of you there 😎✈🌐

Event in 2 Days… Please make sure you know the Charts for EDDK😎😎 See ya

How long will you be on for approximately? So I can plan my route.

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I will be on until the last Aircraft landed safely at their Destination. Might take it 2-3 Hours

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Only 12 Hours left. Last Chance to join the Event. So exited. See ya all!😎🔝

Hi pal I added you in zello for the event later :)

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What time is the event in BST? Thanks

Its 2100BST