[Closed]Zello ATC @ EDDG - 162000ZSEP16

Server: Casual

Region: Amsterdam Region

Airport: EDDG

Time: 2000Z

NOTAM: Hello @all. I am proud to announce my second Zello ATC Event, this time in Muenster-Osnabrueck. I will use only IFR-Charts. ATC Coverage for nearby Airports upon request. I will provide Clearence,Ground and Tower. APP and DEP would be open for nearby Airports upon request.
Join this Zello Channel:


Hope to see ya! Be prepared!
Here you can find charts for Germany:

Here you find Charts for the Netherlands:

Here you find Charts for Belgium:

Always a good flight

ATIS: EDDG Airport Information Alpha 161920ZSEP
15003KT CAVOK 17/13 Q1013 NOSIG
App Airplanes expect ILS07
DEP Runway 07
VFR Traffic expect Directs to Transitions
IFR Traffic expect Domeg 3E Departure

First Contact will be Muenster Ground on 121.870
All Aircraft say direction of flight


Hope I can make it.

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Appreciate that!

Is Zello verbal ATC?

Zello is an app. Zello can be used for ATC if you have two seperate devices.

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I’ll be there! If you want a review of your ATC id be happy to do so! Also if you’d like Center I can help out with that!

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That would be nice. I am glad that you can help me.

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my pleasure

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58 Hours left. Expect the ATIS Information 15 Minutes before the Event starts. I will publish it in the Main post above.

First Frequency to contact will be:
Muenster Ground on 121.870

6 hours left

3 hours left. Expect further Information in the original Post 20-15 minutes before the Event starts

Check ATIS ans NOTAM above please

Event Starts

Hey @Lars_Thorein I can’t find the Zello channel. Is it open?

Yes it is. Says your Zello Name and I invite you

Sent you an invitation

Yes but that is the online laminar ich could fimd. Try to find me Newcom 2

Open another user: mokidi58

Just try it

Is here anyone else who wants to flight?