[Closed]Zello ATC Comeback @ EGLL - 011950ZOCT16

Server: Casual

Region: London

Airport: EGLL

Time: 1950Z

I’m making a comeback in Zello ATC! With my timing, you can come to my event, and then right afterwards head to @Lars_Thorein’s event, or vice versa. This time, we’ll go to the second busiest airport in the world; Heathrow. If you haven’t joined my Zello, please join Infinite Flight-CBaccari for my channel. I will Zello from 1550Z until 1635Z.


Will try to join! Also gonna head to @Lars_Thorein event as well so double Zello ATC! See you there

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I’ll most likely be flying in to HEATHROW from Birmingham, will you provide atc for Birmingham as well or HEATHROW exclusively?

I’ll provide Birmingham on the same channel when needed. I’ll also provide a center.

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Seven hours until event start. Remember, if you want to leave my airspace, my one Zello channel will take care of any vectoring you’d like.

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I’ll be there!

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I’ll be there 100% what time will it be in BST?

2050 BST it is

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Thankyou :)

8:50 PM BST

Need more to say…😶

So you and the other guy are setting off the zello ATC at the same time?

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Yes he setted it 10 minutes before mine a few Days after i Released my Event

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Ok I’ll check both out but I’m intrested with the charts 👌🏻

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Yeah thats make it more realistic

can you send me the link for the charts

Check my post. There you have links

What time for in eastern US?

Wait so the event is at 1900z but your controlling from 1550 to 1635?

Thirteen minutes.

We’re on. We are on.