CLOSED @YSSY help with ATC

Hello all I’m practicing for IFATC and would love for your feed back com e join me at Heathrow, and all feed back is appreciated! ts1

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Move this to #live:atc

just did thank you. u coming?

I wouldn’t recommend YSSY for practice, usually a 2 parallel runway airport is ideal

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But i like YSSY. its a challenge. what would u recommend then?

For IFTSATC we use KSSC in the Charlotte region.


What server?
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sorry its closed now. i will do another one later tomorrow. but my road sound want working and i have to eat dinner. And if I’m training for IFATC its obviously on ts 1 thx!

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If you are going to open again I’ll come 🙂

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@Kevin_Potthast There is no harm in using YSSY for atc training as it has parallel runways. Just because it has a 3rd runway doesn’t mean it’s not good for training.

@7405896A tag me when your controlling next and I’ll come along 👍🏻

Ok thankyou, and I will.

Ok. I will open tomorrow prob. YSSY again.


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