(Closed) YouTube Name Ideas?

Oooh, It would be cool to have something like Aviation or Airplane in French, not bad :)

I understand. When are you planning on starting YouTube? Making first video?

Once I can figure a name, I’ll start the intro and the trailer as videos. I plan to start by the middle or end of this month, I may use the videos I already have saved into my computer.

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Great. On this post, write when you release a new vid so I can subscribe. Can’t wait to see some footage!

Yeah, I’ll post my videos on the IFYT forum on here.

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This is not the youtube forums…

TheAVGeek ??? Im not one for thinking up ideas…they’re not usually great…

IFUSA? (That’s what I was thinking)

Keep it the same as your community name . Maybe Avgeek123

Eh, not a huge fan of numbers in my username

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How about

I like it, it isn’t as short as I wanted it, I’ll take it into consideration. I’ll add these to the random name picker that I have…

Ok got another one



That’s a good idea, I’ll add that to the random name picker

I am just full of good ideas 😎

Yeah, after a lot of thinking, random name picking, and all of your very great comments. I have decided to choose:

###ObamaLikesPlanes, just kidding. I decided to do ClarenceTheAvgeek, it does match my community name, and it does kinda fit, I’ll do it :)


Obama likes Planes! Cracked me up!


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