[CLOSED] Xpira’s ATC tracking thread

Right now I am open at OMDB (Dubai)
Come and join me!
I am currently tower, and ground.
30L | 30R
30L | 30R


I’m on my way, about 15 minutes out (from CYYC). Callsign Air Canada 1991

I am open at KDEN!

Landing 17L and 16R
Departing 17R and 16L

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Well, oof, I’m in school, oh well.

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I figured most people would be. I’m on break, so I hope to see a few people that are too.

I’m so lucky, that I get to go Monday and Tuesday.

I happen to be on break as well. However I’m doing KLAX to KJFK but I am set to fly above your airspace xD

How are you able to do both ground and tower?

Thank god I’m on break! I’ll come by and fly some patterns

Awesome! Sounds like a plan.

On my way! For some patterns :)

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See you on liveflight! You are getting some people :)

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I was N747BB

Very solid job! I only noticed a few things that you could improve on.
• When someone requests for a runway change, give them a pattern instruction, and then the clearance. Ex: “N747BB, enter left downwind, runway 17L”, and include a sequence if needed.
• Exit instructions should be given around 60 knots.

Keep practicing, and you should be IFATC in no time!


I just went to do a flight in Den and I saw some community members so I figured you were doing some ATC Tracking Thread stuff. IM RIGHT Lol. Oh yeah, that Southwest 311 was a pain taxing through the terminal lol

Hey there, my callsign was “DADDY” lol

Some things here:

  • Ground commands were all on point (Accurate and fast).
  • Follow always this plan: Pattern entries➡️ Sequence (if needed) ➡️ Clearance.
  • All Pattern entries are followed by a clearance. When I requested change to Rway 26 you said “enter left dw” but it should’ve been “enter left base 26” and also forgot to give me clearance that’s why I did a go-around
  • Try to practice at an airport with parallel runways as runway changes will be easier for you. As Kden has many runways as well many ways of Pattern entries.
  • the unable part would’ve been “enter left dw runway 25” and then clearance.
  • Tower responses were a bit late, try to given as soon as possible so the pilot would know what to do.
  • Exit command on point.
  • The “left base full stop” I get it, just a roger would’ve been good I’m just letting you know that I’ll be stopping and not doing anymore patterns, but it’s all good,

Any questions or concerns my pm always open :)
Keep it up


Closed! Thanks for coming everyone. I appreciate the feedback and i will work on my skills.

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What do you mean by this?

In a given order, what to follow when theres a runway change or an inbound.

Ok, I wasn’t sure if you were talking about inbound aircraft and runway changes or just for every clearance. Thanks for clearing that up :)

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I’m open once again with @Balloonchaser at PHNL! Come visit.

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