[CLOSED]@Xpira’s ATC tracking thread

This thread is here for me to practice my ATC.

Come Join me now at KOKC.
Feel free to give constructive criticism.

Edit: Closed that is to everyone who came.



Come join me at Memphis. I will be controlling there for 30 mins.
Feel free to tell me how I did!

I’ll be there in 2 minutes.
LH838 heavy

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I’ll be there NSAM15

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I will also join you. Nasa 1

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I’ll be there. N675W!

Could you see me?? I was the only one there or I have internet issues @Xpira?

Please use Cleard for the option when we are allowed for touch and go.

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Why are no intersection departures allowed? I’m am A318…

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Hey Xpira how would you like your feedback, here or pm ?


What should your callsign

NASA 1 is his Callsign.

I would recommend for you watching all this Video’s. Air Traffic Control Tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPK_42U0EhIfsC6cU503Zwda4ZcurnPSt

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I could see you for a bit and then you left.

Feedback here or PM? @Xpira

You can just pm me…

wait pm you? oh ok I was about to post feedback here xd

I have some connection issues atm.

I couldnt see anyone when I was ready to taxi


Come and fly at Dublin.

Come and join me and give me tips!
Thanks to all who came