[CLOSED] @Xpheros ATC Tracking/Practice Thread (TS1)(N/A)

Yes, I know, another atc tracking thread topic. Well anyway, atc is opening in 15 minutes. I’ll be tower and ground. Going to announce the airport soon…
Server: Training Server 1
Aircraft: Doesn’t Matter

Ok. Shall see you there.

Airport is going to be EGLC, London City

10 minutes left…

On the tarmac right now :)
Jersey 228

Damn, I am really sorry, I have to go.

Ok then. Maybe another time.

Opening in 10 minutes. @Qantas737guy if you are still there, then it would be great

2 minutes left! Get ready, at London City!

It’s Open, please come!
EGLC, London City!
Any Aircraft thats smaller than 757 or a321

a321 not an a330* :)

Yeah, lol xD. Will you come ?

Can’t :( busy atm sorry

Aww, ok, fine… :((

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Now Closed, good day

Opening in 5 mins. Be ready
Again at EGLC

2 minutes left, I just want someone to test my atc skills.

OPEN, see you there!

Thinking of changing airport

Opening in 1 minute at KAGS, Augusta Rgnl at Bush Field. Please come and test my atc skills!