[Closed] Xorn’s ATC Tracking Thread

Hey There, I’d like to become IFATC but for the moment I’m practicing on the Training Server. I’ll post on this thread everytime I’ll be controlling at an airport. If you have any criticism write them bellow.

Happy Landings, Xorn.

I’ll be controlling from 06:15z to 7:15z at YSSY come and join me !

Pattern work allowed

I just finished my session at YSSY thanks to everyone who came !

I’m controlling at TNCM come and join me !
Pattern work allowed

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@Xorn Very good controlling but that back taxi when I requested takeoff was unnecessary :)

Thank you, sorry about that I wanted to make sure you had enough runway to take-off :)


Hi, thanks for the service. Here’s some feedback:

  1. When someone is in the pattern, you don’t need to give them a pattern entry each time they do a touch n go.
  2. When someone’s in the pattern, you should be clearing them for the option, not for landing. Cleared to land means that someone is cleared to land, and not take off again. Cleared for the option means they’re cleared to land, do a touch and go, overfly the runway at 10 feet with no gear, etc. I reported position to try and point it out, but you didn’t seem to know.
  3. I assume the pattern entry you sent me when I requested transition was a mistake, so I’ll pass that by. However, 5000ft is much to high for a transition. 3000-4000ft AGL is recommended.
  4. In general, your clearances were quite late. Try to clear on downwind or base next time, not final.

Also, make sure to watch the tutorials on youtube, they really help.
Good luck with your journey to IFATC!
IFATC Specialist.


Thanks for your answer it really helps me. I’ll make sure to watch their tutorials and I won’t reproduce those mistakes.

And btw, nice landings 😂.


I just finished my session at TNCM and I’d like to thanks everyone who came and who gave me some feedback.

Happy Landings,Xorn.

I’m at KSAN if you wanna join me !

I’m now at RJTT come and join me !

Pattern work allowed

Join me at KLAX !!

Are you still open?
I’d recommend putting open in the title too

I just closed , I was tired of those grade 2 taxiing to runway 24L when you ask them to taxi to runway 25L 😂

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Just finished my session at KLAX

I wouldn’t open up big airports like KLAX and EGLL on training server when you’re trying to train for IFATC because airports like these are a lot more susceptible to trolls and whatnot.
Keep doing what your doing and I’ll try to attend your next session if I can.


Thanks for your advises, I hope to see you soon on if 😉

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Hi everyone, I’m now controlling at ROAH.

Hope to see you there !

I”ll be there in a moment

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I could possibly fly a few patterns

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