(CLOSED)Xmas @VTBS - 260030ZDEC18

  • Aircraft and Livery:
    777-300ER Air France

  • Route:

  • Time of Departure:

  • Server:

  • Additional Information:
    You may fly a Thai 777 if there is one.

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I changed it

do you have a flight plan

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Yes I have the full thing

I’ll be spawned at VTBS in 1 hour

It takes 30 minutes for me to finish the event that I’m attending, so I think I’ll attend, miss 2h is not
Can you tell me how long the flight will last?

About 12 hours

Would you rather fly a Thai 787-8 or airfrance 787-X or just stick with the 777s

Okay, I’ll be there, you can send me a message 15 minutes before the flight begins.

Ok will do

Which aircraft do you intend to use?

Can you tell me how much time to start the flight?

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