[Closed] XCub Napa Wine Express Delivery @ KRHV - 141800ZJUL19

XCub Napa Wine Express Delivery


Server: Expert Server
Aircraft: CubCrafters XCub
Airport: KRHV - KAPC - KPAO
Spawn in: 2019-07-14T17:45:00Z
Propellor start up: 2019-07-14T17:55:00Z
Taxi: 2019-07-14T18:00:00Z
Projected Flight Time: Approximately 65 Minutes


  • Please maintain 3-5NM of spacing between the aircraft ahead of you
  • IFATC will be active. All pilots must follow controllers instructions at all times!
  • In the process of recruiting IFATC for the event. Details will be provided when finalized
  • Spawn in 10-15 minutes before the start of the event
  • Flight Plan will be provided. Please try to follow it to stick with group


Hello all fellow pilots! A restaurant in the Bay Area needs an express shipment of Napa’s finest wine. Due to congested traffic on the freeways, the sommelier is looking to hire professional pilots to deliver the wine in a timely manner. We will depart from our base of operation KRHV, Reid-Hillview Airport of Santa Clara County, and make our way to KAPC, Napa County, to collect the product. Once our aircraft are loaded up with two crates of wine each, we will depart KAPC as we make our delivery to KPAO, Palo Alto. The sommelier will be waiting on the tarmac for us! Would love to fill all the gates if possible! Three airports, two IFATC controllers, 6 controlled frequencies! Message me your callsign and the spot you wish to spawn into if you’re available to join!


Event Parking

Hangar (Full)
(Spot) (Pilot) (Callsign)
Hangar 01: @art_martinez IFAE One
Hangar 02: @Rishon_R R-777R
Hangar 03: @Mags885 G-MAGS
Hangar 04: @7405896A TBD
Hangar 06: @GlobalFlyer1 A416MX
Hangar 07: @Aceorbit BACONFRY
Hangar 08: @Piazza N-PIAZ
GA Spot (Available)
(Spot) (Pilot) (Callsign)
GA 01: @anon57683537 N824TX
GA 02: @Ben_Murtagh1 TBD
GA 03: @PlaneCrazy N202PC
GA 04: @Sashaz55 N186BC
GA 05: @Bewilkins22 N922BW
GA 06: @Luke_Sta N217BX
GA 07: @Scott.Cooper I F A E Euro
GA 08: @anon82246052 JAKE
GA 09: @Captain_Awerty TBD
GA 10: @David_Mullen N76VT
GA 11: @JackH TBD
GA 12:
GA 13:
GA 14:
GA 15:

Controlling KRHV

(Tower / Ground / Atis) (Approach) (Departure)
@Aviation-21 TBD TBD

Controlling KPAO

(Tower / Ground / Atis) (Approach)
@TheWalkingFruit @Prashant_Divedi

Flight Details:

Copy and paste flight plan below
Flight Plan

Copy and paste flight plan below


Phase 1: KRHV Departure

Assuming wind conditions allow, pilots will depart KRHV utilizing runway 31R flying the DECOT ONE DEPARTURE.

  • Climb to 4,000’ via 307° course to ANGIF WP, 100 knots
  • Track 311° to DECOT WP, 115 knots
  • Then via assigned route to next phase.
Phase 2: KAPC Approach

Assuming wind conditions allow, pilots will be flying RNAV (GPS) Z RWY 36L.

  • From DECOT make right turn to intercept COLLI
  • At COLLI make left turn to intercept SABLO
  • At SABLO turn right for CROIT
  • Continue to PINKI
  • Make left turn at CORDD for runway 24.
Phase 3: KAPC Departure

Assuming wind conditions allow, pilots will depart KAPC utilizing runway 36R flying the LIZRD FOUR DEPARTURE.

  • Head straight out 18L maintaining heading 180°
  • Turn left 127° at CIKIP to LIZRD intercept
  • Cross LIZRD intercept at or above 3000’
  • Once over LIZRD intercept turn right heading 256° to LAKCI maintaining 4,100’.
  • Intercept VOR PYE at 5,000’
Phase 4: KPAO STAR

Pilots will arrive KPAO landing runway 31 flying the POINT REYES THREE ARRIVAL.

  • From VOR PYE make left turn turning 144° to intercept STINS
  • Intercept HADLY then track 076° to VOR OSI
Phase 5: KPAO Approach

Pilots will arrive KPAO landing runway 31 flying GPS RWY 31

  • From VOR OSI track 077°, start descent
  • Make left turn before KNUQ at PUDBY

Event flight plan is subject to change in case of wind conditions. Would love feedback on flight plan!

Runways and Maps:

Reid Hillview of Santa Clara County
(Runway) (Dimensions)
13L/31R 2,998’ x 75’
13R/31L 3,006’ x 75’

Napa County
(Runway) (Dimensions)
06/24 4,997’ x 150’
18R/36L 5,939’ x 150’
18L/36R 2,515’ x 75’

Palo Alto
(Runway) (Dimensions)
13/31 2,662’ x 175’

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I’ll take a gate!

The airport is also the nearest completely GA one to me, so I’m pretty excited! And my callsign is A416MX


Great hearing from you again @GlobalFlyer1 . Why don’t I put you in Hangar 06! I will add you right away. Thanks for joining.

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I would love to come! Are those times pst?

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Sign me up

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@7405896A We will be departing on Sunday at 1700Z or 11:00AMPST. Which gate would you like to spawn in and what callsign will you flying under?

@TVANatalie471 Which gate would you like to spawn in and what callsign will you flying under?

I will take any gate, call sign is N32XC

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You have been added to Hangar 05. Thanks for joining!

No problem

Put me down for a hangar slot, and I will use whatever registration is on the X-cub that day. I’m excited looks like a great event?!

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I can take KHRV ATC.

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Will message you on Slack. Thanks :)

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Thank you @Aviation-21 for being our Ground, Tower, and Atis ATC at KRHV! Working on recruiting another ATC for KPAO currently.

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Hey there,

Please allocate me a gate, I will confirm attendance closer to the time!

Callsign is G-MAGS

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You have been just been added. Please let me know if you won’t be able to attend in advance :)

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Hi, would like a gate. R-777R

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Adding you now! Thanks for joining

@Ben_Murtagh1 you’ve been added to GA 02. Thanks for joining!

@art_martinez you’ve been added to Hangar 01
@anon57683537 you’ve been added to GA 01
@PlaneCrazy you’ve been added to GA 03
Thank you all for joining!