[Closed] WSSS PG ATC Practice @281300Z

Will be controlling both ground and tower for this practice. Hope to stay for about an hour.

Runway mainly for take off is 02C, Runway mainly for landing is 02L but i might clear landing for 02C if its not congested.

Pattern work is allowed. Havent been controlling for awhile so would like to warm up again =)

Hopefully see someone around!! Will announce when im going off, if i disappear without announcing, its probably just disconnection.

Feedback is encouraged!!


Ok Ill join! In a Airbus 330-300

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I’ll be in a330-300

When I’m on WSSS I try to use 02C only for landing and 02L for takeoff. It makes for much shorter taxiing.

Think about it, because of the offset between the runways, when you land on 02C and slow down, you’re about the middle of the airport and you can taxi to parking really quickly.

If you land on 02L, you are much farther from the middle of the airport and you have to taxi back along the runway.

Same for takeoff, you have to taxi all the way back to the threshold of 02C which is a much longer way compared to 02L, where the threshold is much closer to the terminals and the middle of the airport.

For the same reason I try to use 32L for landing and 32R for takeoff at Kuala Lumpur - because of this offset.

I appreciate if anyone points out that I’m wrong.

In real life they use 02L for landing and 02C for takeoff. Just sayin’

OK. I wonder why then. Cause it’s the same for WMKK, they mostly use 32L for takeoffs which is a long long way from the terminals.

Noise abatement procedures.

Anyways, now we are off topic, PM me if you want to discuss more.

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@Anton_ATC I like the convenience of 02C as well but for todays session, 02C wasnt too busy, so i went ahead to land people on 02C

@PlanesForLife Thanks for coming =)

And a few who also came. I fumbled quite a bit and with traffic this low, i definitely need alot more practice =p

Also, gotta apologize to a Red Cap 753 Heavy if he is on here, not sure if it was my fault and i didnt notice. Tried to direct traffic away to allow take off but traffic didnt want to and ive cleared the traffic so…yea.

Your welcome: AWESOME ATC!

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