{Closed}Wow Air Tribute Flight @ ESSA 32300ZAPR19

Airport: Stockholm Airport (ESSA)

Time: 2019-04-04T02:00:00Z

Server: Expert

NOTAM: Wow Air has just cancelled its flights as of March 28 but Here in IF it will never cease its flights so we ask OUR IFC members to come and fly with us to honor Wow air!

Stockholm(ESSA) to Keflavik(BIKF)

Livery - Wow Air Livery

Flight distance - 1,200 Miles

Flight Time - 3:00

Cruise Altitude - FL340

Cruise Speed - M 0.83

Server - Expert

Gates Available

Gates G149 - G141 will be reserved for our IFPHG pilots so please pick an available gate below

T5 Remote F44 -
T5 Remote F42 -
T5 Remote F40 -
T5 gate F38 -
T5 gate F36R -
T5 Gate F34 -
T5 gate F32L -
T5 gate F30 -
T5 gate F28R -
T5 gate F38 -
T5 Gate F37 -
T5 Gate F35 -
T5 Gate F33L -
T5 Gate F31 -
T5 Gate F29R -
More gates will open as more people come!
If you have someone at your requested gates please switch to another Gate close to you that hasn’t been taken by anyone else

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Hey, due to the short timing, I suggest you put this in #live:groupflights tomorrow, use the #live:events for events that are further in the future.

It’s alright, just flag this one and post around 2400Z or later before 0300Z (Orginal Time)

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@everyone who wants to join it’s been switched to events and don’t mind the duplicated one this the actual Event topic

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