[CLOSED] Worlds Shortest Air Route @ EGEW 060615ZOCT19

Today we will fly the worlds shortest regularly scheduled air service. please reply what aircraft and your callsign if you wish to attend

  • Aircraft and Livery: Cessna 172 (any), Cirrus SR22 (any), Xcub (any), TBM-930 or 208 Caravan - ANY LIVERY

  • Route: EGEW-EGEP

  • Time of Departure: 060615Z - 5;15pm AEST

  • Server: TRAINING

  • Additional Information:
  • We will be taking off on runway 13 at westray and be landing on runway 04 at papa westray.
  • I will be ATC and then I will spawn in and takeoff.
  • Westay has only one spawn point, please move form the spawn point AS SOON AS YOU SPAWN

Please read here for the correct title format:


Thanks, I guess I forgot that bit😀👍

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Spawn in 10 minutes

It’s now Daylight Savings time so it’s AEDT instead of AEST

AEST means Australian Eastern Standard Time
AEDT means Australian Eastern Daylight Time

@Qantas094 Whoops , it’s closed as no one attended tho I will still do it but in about 15

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