[Closed] Wollongong Beach Party! @ YSSY - 030400ZMAR17

Awesome! See you there

Do you have to be on a Jet Star A320? I don’t have any A320’s

We would prefer you to being a JQ A320, but if not join us in another Qantas Aircraft

How do you join Qantas Virtual?


Check out our topic or view our website. Thanks for your consideration!


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ok np. i will be in a qantas a380

did you sign me up? i will take any gate available

Do you have any other aircraft? Don’t think the A380 would go too well at Wollongong


i have a md-80 qantas link…

do we have our own gates or do you just choose your gate when you spawn? this is my first event

You can spawn at any gate, preferably at Terminal 2 at YSSY

I,d like to join! Sign me up (if able). I’ll come on a320 Lufthansa

I will come :D Call sign N-155WY

Sorry N1525WY see you at 11:00 pm

Events starting in about 20-25mins, hoping to see all of you there! If anyone wants to be ATC for us, you are more than welcome to

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I’ve spawned at Terminal 2

5 minutes to go! I’ll be pushing back at exactly 0400z

Thanks to everyone who came! Was a great event!! If you are a Qantas Virtual Pilot please message me for the required info to file a PIREP for this flight


I missed the event cause you never told me which day just the time

The dates are in the title… 03(Which is the 3rd)0400Z(Time)MAR17(Month + Year)