[Closed] Wollongong Beach Party! @ YSSY - 030400ZMAR17

Server: Training Server 1 (TS1)

Region: Sydney, Australia

Airport: YSSY - YWOL (2 Touch and Go’s) - YSSY

Aircraft: Jetstar A320

Time: 0400Z

NOTAM: Come and join Qantas Virtual as we explore Wollongong, flying from YSSY to YWOL, then completing 2 Touch & Go’s on the active runway before returning to YSSY.

All Qantas Virtual Group pilots who attend the event may file this to gain hours.

Hope you enjoy, see you in the sky!
P.S. We need someone to bring some BBQ food, and maybe a salad? Tell me if you’re bringing anything



Nice! Finally a good regional Sydney event. Love the NOTAM 😄


Thanks! So are you bringing anything?

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I’ll bring Vegemite to but on your sausage rolls 🤣
But not an A320 unfortunately.


Sounds perfect! So I guess i’m bringing the sausage rolls? or does someone else want to bring them?

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Its gonna be early morning but I’ll manage 😉😉
Cya there Ben

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Awesome! Awesome!!!

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Great! You bringing anything to put on the BBQ?

Any suggestions on what to bring?

I’ll bring the snags!

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Question for the non-Aussies, do you know what a snag is?

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I’ll bring the snags and fanta, put me down, i’ll see you there in my a320

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I’d bring the mattress if u want😂😂and beer cans😂. And how can a Flight Beach party be complete without cabin crew?? 😂😂


It does men sausage right. With context to the beach party? 😂


Yep! Absolutely! It’s sausage time!

Sounds Good! Hope to see you there


Great! Some good old Fanta! See you there!

I’ll try… key be able to may not.

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Ok? See you there…

I’ll bring a few snags and some bread

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