[Closed] @ WMKM 231300ZAUG15

Server: **

Region: **

Airport: **

Time: **

NOTAM: This event has been closed.

Will be there in about 20 of you stick around a bit ((:

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I apologize so much for cancelling your takeoff clearance. That aeroplane was doing some weird things. They said remaining in the pattern but then went off course and headed over to Kuala Lumpur Itnl.

In short: I didn’t know what that plane was going to do! :/

Stop spamming that guy to contact you. He wasn’t in your airspace

Oh. I apologize once again. I just wanted to sequence him :// sorry!!

Why are you letting him TO from 03 when I am going patterns on the other runway?

He spawned at runway 03. I don’t know what to do? Make him back taxi 21?

Probably your best bet yes

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Oh. I see. I apologize again then. Noted for next time.

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Haha it’s cool. It is a real pain when people spawn by the wrong runway

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Also don’t reply with Roger when I report position

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I normally don’t reply with roger. I actually hate myself. I blame it on the heat ;) :P


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Next time I control. I’ll tag you in the post or something and I actually swear I will be like 100 times better

@MishaCamp, as a pilot I report position when on final, after I was cleared to land to alert the controllers. Some reply with a “Roger” however some say not to junk the frequency. What is the right way of doing it?

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A) Don’t report position after clearance unless you are worried about traffic as I and sure you know already
B) Controllers on IF should not reply with roger to position calls from pilots. As you said it doesn’t do anything useful on IF and just clogs the frequency if busy
C) Sorry for the late reply. I only just saw your comment!