[Closed] WMBT Tower on Playground

Test my skills, have fun
Pattern Work: Accepted

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How was it? Still people trying to land over the mountains following the GPS approaches? (IF should really remove those)

I love controlling at WMBT, very challenging in terms of trying to get people to follow instructions.

I love it, but no one ever flies there

No, IF should not remove the mountains that are there in real life.


@Anton_ATC is saying that IF should remove the GPS approach over the mountains not the mountains itself

Are the GPS approach really there too in real life?

I don’t think so but it’s that kind of airport that you take off and land on opposite runways. Takeoff 02 Land on 20.

Nope, the only way to land is approach the runway at an angle, then turn to final 0.5 before threshold.

Ooooh I wish they had Paro airport in IF, I think that’s an airport with the steepest glideslope in the world, you really have to push your stick down for it.

But aspen is steep too