[Closed] WMBT Tower now open - challenging one-way approach in a mountainous island

EDIT: closed. We had a great time, almost 3 hours. Thanks to everyone!

WMBT Tower now open on Playground/Training server. (Pulau Tioman Airport, region: Singapore/Kuala Lumpur).

I will stay there for at least two hours from the time of this post.

This is a spectacular island with beaches and a very challenging approach. See the real-life video of the approach here: Fabian Lim - Landing in Tioman Malaysia in a Diamond DA40 - YouTube


  • Runway 20 for arrivals only. No landing on runway 02 (you will crash).

  • Fly to the VOR north of the island, turn around and head south at approximately 30 degree angle towards the runway

  • Turn to final about 0.5 nm before the runway threshold

  • Back taxi runway 02 and vacate runway immediately.


  • Back taxi runway 02, turn around, line up and wait

  • No departures on runway 20 - you will crash

  • After runway end, immediately turn left 70 degrees or more

  • To stay in pattern, climb to 2500 feet and fly to VOR north of the island


The airport has parking space for only a few aircraft and limited capacity due to one-way runway operations. Expect long holds both on the ground and in air if there are many aircraft waiting.

Recommended aircraft: Dash 8, Cessna 208, at most A318 (unrealistic though).

Suggested flights

  • WMBT - fly around the island - WMBT


I appreciate all feedback on my controlling, including negative.

Good luck!


I might come if your still open in 45 mins.

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I’ll come alongside with @Ninetales

I’m coming with my SLK A319

Yep. Two hours at least.

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Messed up when entering the runway there wasn’t any rudder in the systems tab

Actually I’m there to fly around don’t clear me for landing

Yeah i will probably pop in later , it is just my iPad didn’t want to charge last night :/

I am coming

I’m sorry, My phone really lags, I will respawn again. Sorry for the inconvinience

Next time please don’t clear somebody for takeoff, when someone is on final.

Sorry about that. Really hectic traffic. I’m doing better now.

Sorry, gotta delay my flight. Still have to walk the dog. Will you still be online in about 45 mins? (Sorry)


I got kicked out for 3 minutes due to phone issues, now I’m back

Did you still there?

Yes, he is

yes, at least another hour

Hey, thanks for controlling.
I was the person who kept on landing and never had to back taxi back after landing. Remember me?

You did well controlling. Nothing negative about your controlling.

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Hi! Thanks for the controlling on WMBT, It’s a nice service indeed.
My only suggestion has been mentioned by @EK777

I had to go around several times because of that :P

Sorry! Got overwhelmed a bit with 8 planes in my airspace. Not happening anymore.

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No problem. I can fully understand that and the airport is hard to control, too because of the mountain