[Closed] Wizz Air Budapest @ LHBP - 071930ZFEB18

Server: Expert

Region: PLS?

Airport: LHBP

Time: 1930z

NOTAM: Please arrive 5-10 min earlier

Event description:
Well, me personally usually travel with Wizz Air and Ryan Air from this beautiful city Hungary Budapest to many countries here in Europe, so this time I decide to Frankfurt Germanyas my destination.
That will be such as honor if you could fly with me!
Ok, Let’s start.

Event Details:
Server: Expert Server
Region: Europe / Hungary
Date: 7th of February 2018
Start Time: 1930z
Flight Time: 1hr 25min

Flight Details:

Aircraft: 737-800 Ryan Air; A320-200 Wizz Air

Distance: aprox. 460nm

Flight time: Max. 1hr 25min(85min) As a low cost airliner has to arrive destination as soon as possible that’s how they benefit ;)

Block Fuel: Add aprox. 3hrs fuel

Climb profile:

Up to you guys, I believe you guys are pretty experienced pilots…
Cruise altitude: FL 350
Cruise Speed: M 0.81

Departure and Arrival runway:
We will decide upon the time, it’s up to the weather :)

Before departure just copy my Flight Plan


ApronR220:Me, Wizz Air 99 (Leader)
ApronR221:@Wenzel Wizz air
ApronR222:@Harun_Koyuncu Ryan air
ApronR223: @Jeno_Farkas Wizz Air
Can add more gate if need it

Hungary is waiting for you!


I would love to join, see you tomorrow in the A320-200 :)
Please give me one Gate.

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I will add it , so much appreciate it Sir

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I’d love to come along tomorrow! Plz could I get a gate, really like the route you have chosen.
EDIT - Sorry i cant, im not Grade 3+ at the moment (racked up a few violations by accident) Sorry Again,
Hope you have a good event.


Hey mate can I have a Gate please ?

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Sure Ryan Air or Wizz air?

I think I take Ryanair sir .

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All set Sir, look forward to seeing you

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Please sign me up! Wizz Air please! :D


Can’t wait to fly with u

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Depature in about 3hrs, still have gates available

I am really sorry that in the end I’ve not been able to attend. I’ll keep an eye on your future events though. I hope it all went well!

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