[CLOSED] Winter Olympic Opening Fly past @ RKSI - 092000ZFEB18

Sponsored by Porter Virtual

Infinite Flight Air Force Events brings the Winter Olympic Opening Fly past!


Server: Training Server 1

Region: South Korea, Seoul.

Airport: RKSI

Times: Takeoff: 2015
Flyover: 2030

NOTAM: Using an aircraft from the IFAFs fleet unkess you are a member of a represented VA (you eill then be required to use an aircraft nominated by your executives), we invite you to join us as we mark the beginning of the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Flight plan and gate details will be posted soon, please join us and take part in this great event or if you’d prefer, book a spectators slot!

To book a slot, please reply to this thread with this format:
Represented VA:
Preferred Gate #:

Note: I will be grouping VAs together so please don’t be offended if you don’t receive the gate of your choice. Your gate will not dictate your order in the event, and as such you should ensure you are in the correct order upon reaching the runway queue.

We acknowledge that the time shown isn’t the same time the opening ceremony will take place. Unfortunately, the ceremony begins at 1200Z when most IFC members and potential participants will be otherwise engaged in the real world.


Porter Virtual Airlines - Dash-8

IFC Members-
@Andrew_Byrne (Andy007) - B737-800
@ItzEhs (LN-EHS) - B737-900

Event &Escort Lead: G701@nscates08 (IFAF200) F16C
Leads Wingman: G702 1LT USAF (IFAF206) F16C
Heavy Lead: G703 @Matthew_Hromek (IFAF-2) KDC10
@Mags885 G704 (IFAF-1) F14
@Mambru_Gars G705 (IFAF204) F14
AVM Davis G706 (IFAF-3) F22
Maj @Joeoreilly77 G707 (IFAF302) F22


  • Respect to be shown to all event participants and other IF aircraft utilising the airspace.
  • Any and All ATC commands are to be executed without failure.
  • 5nm separation is to be maintained during the takeoff and landing phase of flight, 1nm is to be gained and maintained during the flyover.
  • callsigns to be used should only include your VA/VO or a general aviation callsign, we will not be using any real world airline callsigns.
  • participant takeoff order will be issues near the event, your order number will be your flyover and landing order. This is to ensure fast jet aircraft don’t airprox any Multi engine/slow movers.

Event Sponsor - Porter Virtual:

Visit IFAFs thread, today:

For those who sign up, take part and subsequently join IFAF? You will receive 2 hours of flight time towards your promotion! What’re you waiting for? Sign up now!


Booking now Open! Thanks.

Callsign andy007
Aircraft 737-800
Any gate

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Is it 12 ZULU AM or PM.


There is only one 12 Zulu haha otherwise it’d be 2400Z.

That’s the opening ceremony time, this event is at 2000Z

Callsign: IFAF-200
Aircraft: F16C
Represented VA: IFAF
Preferred Gate #: Maintenance 701 (Humble Request: I’ll lead the package. Any other military joining can take 702, 703, 704 … 711. It’s a straight lineup).

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Callsign: LN-EHS
Aircraft: Korean Air 737-900
Preferred Gate: Gate 300

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Done! We look forward to flying with you!

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IFAF-302 requesting F-22

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Happy birthday, You’ll be flying on my wing.

Please re-read ACM Mag’s directions above, then fill out the bullets:

Callsign: IFAF 200, Flight of (TBD)
Aircraft: F22
Represented VA: IFAF: Guest
Preferred Gate #: Maintenance 704 (Subject to change)


  • DO NOT TAKE OFF AHEAD OF ME. You will takeoff along side me.
  • we will be flying VIC formation for the entire flight. If you don’t know what that is…I advise you google it. (you’ll be off my right wing)
  • You will monitor RKSI Unicom (or tower/ground). That means listen to the channels for instructions and broadcasts to and from the callsign above.
  • You WILL NOT broadcast any message on the radio while on my wing. That is my job. You’re job is easy. Just follow me.
  • If/When under ATC controller, you will listen to their instructions to switch channels. Tune the frequency you are instructed to.

Once you have read this message and understand everything or have any questions, private message me to confirm as such. Once you send that message, I will send you detailed flight plan instructions.


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Gotcha let’s do this !! thanks for the birthday wish as well it means a lot 😊

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Should be fun. Might take along the
737-800 Ryanair with me. She’ll be a long way from home there. Lol

Here’s the flight plan for the event. You can copy it off of Me or Mags when we spawn as well. These are the altitudes and speeds for each waypoint we’ll cross.


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@Mags885 will it be okay for me to spawn 10 minutes before departure?

Yes mate. So long as you’re ready For takeoff on time 👍

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I’m not 100 % sure I’ll make I think I’m going out for dinner with friends the time it’s on it was decided last minute sorry @Mags885

Can you copy and paste the route directly into a message here

Can you file your flight plan so I can copy it

Is there a PM set up for this event

Which gate will I be at?