[Closed] Winter Escape @ KPVD - 262130ZNOV17

Server: Expert

Airport: KPVD

Time: 2130Z (4:30 PM EST)

NOTAM: *With the cold setting in, and the days getting shorter&shorter, why not flock down south to warmer days? For this event, we will be flying a real Norwegian Shuttle route, KPVD-TFFR. Aircraft used will be the 737-800. The estimated flight time is 3 hours and 30 minutes. So join us as we migrate down to the beautiful French Caribbean!

Gate Assignments:
Gate 20: RTG113
Gate 22: Open
Gate 21: Open
Gate 18: Open
Gate 16: Open

More gates will be added if needed!

Flight Plan:
Here’s an idea of what the FPL will look like. Don’t forget to copy it from me at the event! Although the flight is planned to be 3 hours and 30 minutes, be sure to give yourself at least 5 hours of fuel.
Cruise Speed: M0.8
Cruise Altitude: FL 360

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Server has been changed to expert.

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Coming for gate 22, if ok

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Gate 22 is yours, however I had to push back the event start time. Hope you can still make it!

Sorry, I can`t so late

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Is there a thread that covers how to get in on a flight?

What do you mean???

How do I get in on this flight?

All you need to do is reply saying you will come, then I’ll give you a gate :)

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I would like to come in. I’m not sure if I’m connecting to the server via the app. How do I verify?

  1. Have an active live subscription
  2. Have access to the correct server listed in the post. The post said expert server so you must have the proper stats to access the expert server.

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