[Closed] Winglet Wednesday @ KJFK - 272140ZJAN16

Today is winglet Wednesday!

Event: Winglet Wednesday
Location: KJFK on Free Flight Server
Aircraft: Any aircraft with winglets/sharklets
Time: For 5 hours starting at time of post (9:40PM EST is official end time )
Have Fun!
Will you join?

I’ll be ATC

On normal playground, not ATC playground 😀

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You mean Freeflight?

Oh, I’ll change it to that. That will be less confusing.

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I’ll come anyway 😄

My callsign is N1214HK so if you see that callsign it’s me

Ok my Callsign is Airbus 350. And when you add the time in the title, make sure it’s the starting time ;)

Ok, sorry this is my first event post.

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It’s okay, use this for next time 😉

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I’m online at the event, not many people, (2 in the region). Come on and join.😀😀😀

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Winglet Wednesday?! :D
What’s next? Rudder Rumble?


Hahaha! Maybe Triple Seven Thursdays

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You coming?

I was trying to follow you because I don’t know when to do the report position calls except final and ended up making a bad flight. I thought my landing was bad but seeing yours… It looked like you had troubles…

Here’s this to help you 😉:

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Ahh, that helps.

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