Closed. Who works for British Airways as a pilot?

So, I would like to know here, who works for BA as a pilot?
Why do I ask this? Because I have some questions!

  1. What’s it like working for BA?
  2. Is it nice?
  3. Is it fun?
    Anything else? Any other questions you can answer that I haven’t written down. Any extra info.

I want to know because I would like to become a pilot and fly for them one day. (as you can tell!)

Also let me know down below if you would like to fly for them one day too! What do you hope it will be like ect?

Thanks guys!😄

  • I work for BA!
  • Nah. I don’t work for BA and I don’t want to.
  • I want to work for them one day!

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Really isn’t any need of a poll here.


Yes there is. I don’t see why not. This comment isn’t relevant.

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Whoooo BA for the WINNNN!!!✈️💺😂😂

That moderators tag doesn’t work. Flag your post, tell them what you want to do. The flag won’t count in like regular and stuff.

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