[Closed] Who wants to race? KDEN to KASE on Casual Server

Like it’s saying in the Titel:
Casual Server
Start : KDEN ( Will announce runway for start) Taxi there, line up and wait
Goal: KASE
Aircrafts: Any Fighter Jet will do

First who lands safe at KASE wins.
Starting Signal will be announced Take off…when message finished means go go go…

Who is in?

Maybe in 10 minutes, I’m flying atm.

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I’ll log on to KASE and record it.

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Sure…if more joining…will be fun to watch…it’s raining jets…

Oops, can’t. Don’t have the region. :(

Bummer… Anyone else?

Some more are joining. Everyone needs to line up and wait first and then agree on what the go command is

can i come @anon43874684

Sure…all welcome

Im already at KDEN!

Gate? Does it matter

No, when we go i will announce an runway, we meet up there and line up

Ok lets go…Start will be announced take off…when message is finished means start

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That was fun. Needs more rules. Must land on 15 etc.

I’ll get the video. Device died.

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Fun, thanks all for joining…anyone landed safe at kase? Sure it wasn’t me,lol🍻

was fun thanks guys!!

Is here an racing team already? Otherwise we should make one…maybe bit more challenge-y next time?

For your enjoyment.

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