[CLOSED] Who wants to fly?

Does anyone want to come to KSFO for practice for the 787 flyby event today?
Let me know if you want to come and practice down in the comments.
787 flyby event- [Cancelled] 787 flybys @ KSFO - 140900ZAUG16 - #5 by abdul_jabbar


I’ll come I think

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Do you want to be pilot or ATC?

Would you guys like some ATC?

We have ground and tower sorted, what can you do?

Whatever you would like me to do!

Can you do approach? There will be only a few people

Sure KSFO_APPR what server?

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Um, I’ll just check

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Training server 2
Make sure you go to the right sever

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On my way!

It doesn’t start for 30 minutes.

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I can do Tower and Ground if needed

We ready have tower and ground. Can you do departure?

Sure, what airport though?

If I vector your group I expect them to listen, I am just going to separate them.

KSFO training 2

Sounds good, be there in 5 minutes.

APPR/DEP is active where is GND/TWR?

I don’t know.