[CLOSED] Who wants to escort my flight?

CBaccari will be celebrating his comeback by taking a flight from PHOG-PHNL on Advanced. Anyone wants to, arrive in 5 minutes. Otherwise, I’ll just take the flight by myself.

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You can ask the IFES for an escort.


This is just a last minute escort, but okay.

Comeback from what exactly?

Explanation is above

There is no IFES anymore. Thats our job now :D

IFES still very much exists

We don’t take last minute bookings.

Cool. You surely can proof me wrong by this statement.

Nope I don’t need any bookings since I don’t have Live! 😂

I’m in IFES… we are reworking the whole system, everything is changing.

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No, I mean you referred the op to IFES (thanks for that), but he was requesting an escort 5 minutes before flying. I meant to say that IFES doesn’t take last minute escorts.

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