[CLOSED] WhiteCapsAir Recruitment Event @ KDEN - 181800ZFEB18


Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to WhiteCaps Air’s recruitment event! On Sunday February 18, we will be flying from Denver International Airport to San Francisco International Airport on a Boeing 737-700. Come and enjoy the gorgeous scenery as we transition from snow-capped mountains to the sunny Bay area. We will be departing from Denver International Airport using Runway 25, cruising at FL280, before arriving over the scenic Golden Gate Bridge to Runway 19R at SFO.


Callsign Format:
for nonmembers: WCAxxx
for members: WCAxxM

Server: Training

Departure Airport: Denver International Airport (KDEN)

Arrival Airport: San Francisco International Airport (KSFO)

Time: 18:00Z, 13:00EST, 11:00MST, 10:00PST

Flight Time: 2 hours 40 mins

Flight Info
Altitude: 28,000 Feet
Speed: Mach .79 (subject to change)
Climb: +2600 fpm @ KDEN
Descent: -1400 fpm @ KSFO
Flight Plan will be filed at time of event

Gates for this Event

De-Icing Pad W01: @GolferRyan
De-Icing Pad W02: @William_Armstrong (CHIEF PILOT)
De-Icing Pad W03: @Nashes
De-Icing Pad W04: @Ryan_Vidad
De-Icing Pad W05: @Moises_Vizcaino
De-Icing Pad W06: @RichCar_Theif

De-Icing Pad A01: @MartyFlies
De-Icing Pad A02: @FlyAndCrash
De-Icing Pad A03: @ratul_sen
De-Icing Pad A04: @dn1801
De-Icing Pad A05: @AndrewWu

De-Icing Pad B01W:
De-Icing Pad B02:
De-Icing Pad B03:
De-Icing Pad B04:
De-Icing Pad B05:

De-Icing Pad C01:
De-Icing Pad C02:
De-Icing Pad C03:
De-Icing Pad C04:
De-Icing Pad C05:

NOTAM: Please spawn in at the latest 10 minutes before the scheduled departure time, otherwise you will be marked absent

BONUS: If you are a non-member, fly this event, and then sign up… you will receive a 2.5x flight time bonus. ;)

If you want to join the event, please comment below so I can assign you a gate.
Please remember, our mission for this event is to gain more pilots for our VA, but most of all we want all in the IFC community to enjoy this event and participate in this relaxing flight.

See you at the event!

If you want to join this VA, you can apply by messaging either me, @Transport_Hub or @GolferRyan
For more information, visit www.whitecapsva.weebly.com
Credits to @cleipelt for photo


Actually we’ve been having some issues with the Google form. If you would like to join us, PM me.

Also. I’ll have a gate! :)

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De-Icing Pad W01 is yours


I will gladly take a gate!

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What day is it? I can try to come

February 18, Sunday
It says it in the event details

De-Icing Pad W02 is yours

I would love to come but I am sadly going to be away on the 18th

No Problem…thanks for stopping by and showing interest!

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I love the appr into San Fran so can I join

Of course :)
De-Icing Pad W03 is all yours

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Sign me up! Sounds pretty fun ;)

Got it
De-Icing Pad W04 is for you

This sounds fun! sign me up

De-Icing Pad W05 is now yours :)
Consider signing up for the airline

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Can I get the last gate? Also, what livery are we flying?

We will be flying the Generic B737.

Sure! De-Icing Pad W06 is for you
The aircraft is a Boeing 737-700 in the generic livery as @GolferRyan said

This sounds like fun, count me in!

Your in!
De-Icing Pad A01 for you :)

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