[Closed]What flyout would you like next?

You are allowed 2 votes

  • Las Vegas
  • San Fransisco
  • Bali
  • Denver
  • Paris
  • London
  • Seattle

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More Airports will be added if needed

I’ve never heard of Pairs maybe that one would be good lol


Which server?

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Training or Expert depends on event

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I’m pretty sure he meant Paris


I know, just messing around


could everyone please vote again I am so sorry I just got news that someone was already planning 2 events so I changed it with 2 other airports thank you

so far I am creating a event for Bali and Paris(CDG)

I wouldn’t do Seattle the weather there was been quite crapy the last couple days. Yesterday I had to divert because it was a 28G41Kt and almost a complete side wind 😂💀

that just makes it more exciting

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Dang. You don’t have to tell me twice that the weather here hasn’t been the best since I’m less than 200 miles from Seattle

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😂 true but I was fly the E175 at the time it Don’t like winds.

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I would looove to see a Bali Flyout. If that happens I need to pray that it is a good starting time for me so I can do a long haul!

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Attention Everyone! The Bali Flyout Has now been created!

I have 2 Announcements

  • Bali and Paris won the Poll! The Bali flyout is already created the Paris one should come later because its such a big airport

  • I have created a new poll with new airports. Please go vote there now for the airport you would like to see for the next Flyout!
    2.0 Where would you like to have a flyout next(poll)?

Paris Flyout is no finally completed and created

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