[Closed] Welcome to Singapore WSSS

Hey there everybody, hope you all are doing great.

I’m currently acting Ground and Tower at the airport in the Global training server and will be there for around 60 minutes or more. I am happy to invite you all to fly in and make pattern or departures. I would love to hear those valuable feedbacks.

See you all in ground and have a good flight,


I’ll try to come out. A lot of us are currently having connectivity issues. :/


Server is back on @Koby_Thomas, please come in now. And of course, everybody’s welcome.

Overall, not a bad job!

I was rather impressed… for the most part, your sequencing (in terms of issuing it with landing clearances) was good, and what really impressed me was when I requested to change from 24 to 27 and you gave me a pattern entry instruction. Not many people in TS1 know that a runway change requires a pattern entry instruction… nicely done on that part.

While I was in the pattern on 27, I noticed you weren’t sequencing and issuing clearances in a very timely manner. Usually this isn’t a huge deal, but that’s something the IFATC Examiners will fail you on. I’ve noticed with them, they want you to sequence almost immediately after the aircraft’s wheels leave the runway, and issue a clearance around the time the aircraft is on downwind. Do not wait for the aircraft to report their position if they’re in the pattern.

Don’t forget to actually sequence before you issue a landing/option clearance, too. In this particular case, I was in the pattern with two other planes. After I did my touch-and-go and turned around onto downwind, you immediately said “Number two, Runway 27, cleared for the option.” Technically, the plane on short final hadn’t touched down yet, so you should have told me I was number three. I see this little mistake on TS1 a lot… where it appears on the radar that the plane has landed, but it’s still on final. I’ve made the mistake, too, so don’t worry too much about that. Just pay attention to the planes in your pattern. Anyway, when I lifted off, you were missing the sequencing. IFATC Examiners are going to be looking very closely to make sure you sequence properly. Since there were two planes ahead of me in the pattern, one on final and one on right base, and the plane I was following on right base, when I left the runway, you should have sequenced me like this: “Number three, behind the traffic on right base.” This lets me know that I’m third in the pattern, and that the traffic on base will be landing before me. After you sequence, then you can clear. The clearance would be, “Number three, runway 27, cleared for the option, after the option, make right traffic.” This ties into the next thing I want to mention…

I heard you use “extend downwind” a lot. That command, along with “I’ll call your base” are typically used to give space so that departing aircraft have more time to depart. If you have a long line of planes waiting to take off, go ahead and use it. However, since the only aircraft using 27 at the time were already in the pattern, use of “Extend downwind” wasn’t necessary. I understand you were trying to keep us safely spaced in the air, but remember, that’s the pilot’s job. It’s our duty to maintain proper distances from other aircraft. By having me extend downwind, the aircraft ahead of me had time to land, take off, and turn crosswind. I almost thought you forgot about me :(

Let me know if you have questions :) I’m only an IFATC apprentice, but I do really like helping people out. You may have seen me elsewhere on the forums, or flying around on Live!

Thanks for your help at EHAM!

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Firstly, I would like to thank you very much for taking your time to fly in and send me a feedback that I consider most valuable.

The big I mistake I did is the choice of airport and the positions, I should say. Due the course of time when the airport ground was slowly getting filled up and traffic in pattern increased, I was becoming slowly less and less effective in doing my part.

Of course I wanted everybody in, and I thank you all from my heart for being there. Apologies if I hadn’t issued clearances faster.

I’m really sorry 😅 I guess I was focusing on the ground movement at the moment which was a considerable time waste from a pilot’s perspective flying in the air.

Thanks again everyone, and @Koby_Thomas, for being there. I’ll open soon in an airspace where I can show you and prove my best performance. Hope you’ll be there,


No worries! Trust me, when I started out with ATCing I was absolutely horrible.

When you said you had EHAM open I was rather surprised… that’s a busy airport with a lot of runways… and they’re not parallel runways. EHAM can be a very hard airport! I’d recommend something simpler while you’re still practicing before you move to huge, confusing, busy airports. KSEA, KMIA, and YSSY are all great airports to learn at. If you make a post on the forums that you have the airport open, you should see a decent amount of traffic without becoming too overwhelmed. The simple layouts of each of those airports will give you a decent enough challenge, while still being able to maintain proper control of yourself and the airport.

If those start to bore you, KSFO, KORD, and KATL can present new challenges with popularity and airport intensity while still giving you a relatively simple layout to worth with. Be aware, however, that KSFO will require a lot of runway crossing instructions and can become extremely buy very fast. It also has perpendicular (intersecting) runways. Don’t become too distracted, or you may have a runway incursion. KORD can be busy as well, and it’s absolutely massive, but there are tons of parallel runways to work with, so as long as you can keep track of where everyone is going, you should do fine. The same story applies to KATL. All of ATL’s 6 runways are parallel to each other, but it’s the world’s largest airport, so it’s a lot to manage.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding airports, ATC instructions, or anything at all. I’m here to help :)

Keep practicing! You’ll do great.

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You’re right, thank you @Koby_Thomas

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