[CLOSED] Welcome and enjoy Colombia flight! (Sponsored by Plane&Pilot) @ SKBO 181500ZAUG19

                             Welcome to El Dorado.

                             Hello everyone! 

Welcome to this event promoted by some Latin communities, we will connect El Dorado with the airports of the region, trying to make a real traffic, frequencies will open in Quito and Guayaquil, Ecuador, from where you can fly with Cargo, from Tocumen, Panama connecting the most punctual airline of Latin America Copa Airlines, Cartagena an airport that connects Colombia with Europe.

                       EL DORADO AIRPORT.

Is an airport serving Colombia and its surrounding areas, El Dorado is the third busiest airport in Latin America in terms of passenger traffic, the second busiest in terms of aircraft movements, and the busiest in terms of cargo. El Dorado is also by far the busiest and most important airport in Colombia, accounting for just under half (49%) of the country’s air traffic.
El Dorado is a hub for the Colombian flag-carrier Avianca y LATAM Colombia.

Server: Training

Airport: SKBO

Time: August 19, Start 15:00Z (10:00 Local Hour)-Close 18:00Z (13:00 Local Hour)


  • Let’s act professional please, It is a training server
  • No pattern work, you must choose a destination
  • Follow all atc instructions
    • Wait your turn to pushback
    • Please use Unicom properly if there is no ATC
  • There will be no gate reservation
  • The ATC from Latinoamerican and Hispans Groups will be in SKBO, MPTO, SEGU, SEQM, SKCG.
  • There is no capacity for airplanes with category SUPER.

We are glad that you come and know new and beautiful landscapes of Latin America, Do not forget to take photos.

20190509_204439 | 20190509_204401 | 20190509_204418 | 20190509_204510


Awesome, this had never been seen on TS!
It’s good that this servers are important and that there are still quality controllers!


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I would like to do this event
Give me a GATE
With timing add to India country match to u or country

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We do not have established doors, you can fly any route within that schedule at the mentioned airports. We wait for you to enjoy a beautiful landscape


Sure I 'll will come by timings please tell add to my country India


Soon we will open an event for your country and all that area

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Not no not about my country events sir

I 'll asking fr timing of event acc to my country
or I receive by local time as u mentioned there???

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Your local time would be 20:30 Hrs Sunday, you can fly from any nearby airport.


First thanks fr this help because someone my friend helped me out by telling that aviation uses Zulu time so I have to just add 5 hours 30 min so I get my time

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So brother it would be Monday fr me

This event start 15:00 Zulu Sunday 18 August —in your local time 20:30 Zulu Sunday 18 August

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Can I be ATC?

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Contact @Alejandro_Castaneda… By more info

Yes by I have another flight on 10.30 pm Spain humgary

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Oh yes our friendly comunity Hispanoamerica and Spain, from Spain to Hungrian the flight is of 3 Hours, this event in Latinamerican flights are usually less than 1 hour

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Yes betty no worries I got on 8 right hmmmm also I have to see

It’s already this Sunday! Go planning your routes to get to know part of Latin America

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So alejandro what

will be the destination

We wait for you, open frequencies in Training Server …

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Inda eguia
So u r also joimpning today event Colombia flight