[Closed] Weekend Region Showcase @ KSEA - 282000ZNOV27

Server: ATC Playground

Region: Seattle

Airport: KSEA-KPDX

Time: 10/27/15 20:00 Zulu time

Aircrafts: Reply to this event with what airplane you want to fly and I will ok it.

NOTAM: This region needs some more activity and excitement so I have decided to make some events that showcase this beatiful region. In this event we are going to to the international airports Seattle-Tacoma and Portland. In some of the upcoming events we will fly to and from places like Boeing field and Paine field( those are where Boeing planes and built and stored) and we will also take some smaller airplanes and fly up in the mountains and truly see what this region has to offer. Join me to make some of these forgotten regions into what they are today!

If we can get a couple of advanced sever ATC I can change it to Advanced

Captain Kracht

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Is this today? It’s kind of bumping in with the FNF.

No it is tomorrow at 20:00 Zulu time

Thanks you rotate

If it’s tomorrow, it is the 28th
I will be there.
737-900 or 757-200
Alaskan or american

Seattle/portland needs more exitement!!
( I live in that region)

This event should have happened over a month ago according to the date…

Ohhhh yeah
Sure is

Ok let’s get this show on the road

Lays all start at Seattle and fly to Portland