[Closed] Weekend region showcase @ KSEA - 062300ZDEC15

Server: ATC Playground

Region: *Seattle

Airport: *KSEA-KPDX

Time: 2300z

Date 12/615

NOTAMThis region needs some more activity and excitement so I have decided to make some events that showcase this beatiful region. In this event we are going to to the international airports Seattle-Tacoma and Portland. In some of the upcoming events we will fly to and from places like Boeing field and Paine field( those are where Boeing planes and built and stored) and we will also take some smaller airplanes and fly up in the mountains and truly see what this region has to offer. Join me to make some of these forgotten regions into what they are today!

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Can we fly together right now??

Yes absolutely

What airfield/airport??

Seattle to Portland

Got it. Callsign alaska 428

Ok mine is FDS169

I’m at b14

Ok I’m loading

I’m there.

Go ahead and coy my FPL

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Are we ready

Can you please give me a picture of your flight plan?

No, i can’t see yout flight plan

Just go to map

Select my airplane

Hit the map Icon in the bottom right twice

Ok. Thanks!

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Lets maintain a 400 knot cruise speed. FL140

Fl200 300 speed

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Ok. Got it. Ready to go.

Arrrrgh!!!i was getting something to eat and my brotherended my flight’