[CLOSED] Wednesday Night Cargo Run Hosted by the IFAE Team @ KLAX - 182300ZJUL18

Server: Expert

Airport: KLAX - KLSV

Time: 2300Z

NOTAM: *Wednesday Night Cargo Run hosted by the IFAE Team

Good afternoon pilots. Due to an increase in activity for #RedFlag, we will be assisting our fellow GAF pilots and delivering essential supplies from Los Angeles to Nellis Air Force Base via FedEx. Please keep in mind that there will be an increase in traffic over KLSV upon approach due to a week-long of military readiness exercises. Here are details for tonight:


  • Start Time: 4pm PST | 7EST | 2300Z

  • Server: Expert Server

  • Aircraft: FedEx 777 or MD11F

  • Altitude: 29,000 FT

  • Cruise Speed: Mach 0.80

  • Spacing: 10-15nm required during flight

  • Flight Time: Approximately 45 minutes to an hour

Departure out of KLAX will be out of runway 25L departing South before ultimately heading north East to Nellis AFB. Last but not least, keep in mind that this event takes place on expert server. If you know that you won’t be attentive to your device, please do your fellow pilots a favor and withdraw from flying this event.

Please message me for parking gate assignments. There are only 10 FedEx slots so don’t be surprised if you see a different airline gate assigned:

Cargo FedEx01: Matt Brittain
Cargo FedEx02: @Sammy_Droubi
Cargo FedEx03: Rocco Giordano
Cargo FedEx04: @Alex_Lopresti
Cargo FedEx05: @art_martinez
Cargo FedEx06: Barrie Gunn
Cargo FedEx07: @Nate_Schneller
Cargo FedEx08: Jeff Trower
Cargo FedEx09:
Cargo FedEx10: @N1RG

Cargo Japan Airlines 01: @Trio
Cargo Japan Airlines 02: Denton Kanami

Cargo Korean Airlines01: @Doug_Hamilton
Cargo Korean Airlines02: @Dhudson4
Cargo Korean Airlines03: @NetJets_Nick

Cargo Lufthansa01: @Afraz_Hammad
Cargo Lufthansa02:

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New IFAE-GAF Official Thread - Now Accepting Qualified Pilots


Awwwwwwwww! I wish it was for training server!! 😭😭😢

Sign me up! Sounds like a fun event!
I’ll take FedEx 001


i got you for FedEx02. Had someone take fedex01 before. See you tonight!


Count me in for cargo fedex 4

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Sign me up please sir!

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Just added both of you @Alex_Lopresti @N1RG


Sounds good. I’ll jump in

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Awesome just got you a gate.


Hey any way I can a gate? Thanks!

Hi Afraz, you can use Lufthansa Cargo 01.


I still use the fedex livery correct?

correct that’s just the parking gate. We’ll depart using runway 25L and maintain 10-15nm spacing during flight. It’s easy to do if you manage speed correctly and have display names on. The ground speed of the aircraft in front should match your GS and the distance in nm should display 10nm to 15nm to ensure the aircraft in front has space to land without pressure from anyone behind.

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Showtime in 25 minutes. This will be a short hop with max cargo. Not a lot of fuel needed so plan accordingly. Remember that fuel dump is available on the 777-200F if you’re using that AC as well so no need to cut it close.


can we push yet?
is everyone here?

I’m heading over from Nellis in an F-22. I will escort @art_martinez first, then fly to the back of the convoy and escort the final aircraft into Nellis.

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Sorry guys I had to leave

no worries, we’ll catch you on the next one.
@David_Beckett thank you!


Nice short flight. Thanks for coming everyone, i’ll stay parked until the last person arrives. Will try to have another one next Wednesday.


Sorry I couldn’t make it for cruise, I departed but had to leave.