[Closed, Vote For Next Airport!]Tiny Airports Vol. 4: The El Paso Flyout @ KELP - 091900ZMAR19



Flight Info

Server: Expert

Time: 2019-03-09T19:00:00Z

Airport: KELP

Aircraft: See Below

NOTAM: The fourth installment in the Tiny Airpots series is here! On March 9th, we head down south to the Lone Star State and kick up the dust in El Paso Texas! With plenty of routes available throughout the state and the country, you’re sure to find one that you’ll love! Slightly interested? Sign up and reserve a gate today!

About El Paso International Airport [KELP]

Airlines And Destinations

Airline Aircraft Destination Airline Aircraft Destination
American CRJ9 KDFW American B738 KDFW
American CRJ7 KPHX American CRJ7 KLAX
American CRJ9 KPHX Southwest B737 KHOU
Southwest B737 KDAL Southwest B737 KSAT
Southwest B737 KLAS Southwest B737 KAUS
Southwest B737 KSJC Southwest B737 KSAN
Southwest B737 KPHX Southwest B737 KDEN
Southwest B737 KLAX United CRJ2 KDEN
United CRJ7 KORD United B737 KIAH
Alligiant A320 KPHX Frontier A320 KDEN


A Concourse

Gate Airline Attendant Aircraft Destination
A1 American @Kate_Russell CRJ9 KDFW
A2 American @Andrew_Coward B738 KDFW
A3 American

B Concourse

Gate Airline Attendant Aircraft Destination
B1 Delta
B3 Southwest @LazyGuy222 B737 KLAX
B4 Southwest @Luke_Sta B737 KDEN
B5 Southwest @JeromeJ B737 KSAT
B6 Southwest @Eric_T B737 KAUS
B7 Southwest @den.aviation B737 KDEN
B8 United @DiamondGaming4 B737 KIAH
B9 United @Miguel_Ortiz B737 KIAH
B10 Alligient
B11 Frontier @travelingcornstalk A320 KDEN


Apron Airline Attendant Aircraft Destination
01 FedEx @Airwolf DC10 KMEM
GA and Cargo parking is available upon request
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Can I take this to KSAT? Thanks!


Hi yes I would like gate 1 American CRJ9 to KDFW.

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@Joseph007 @Kate_Russell you both have gates! See you there!


I am going to take a United 737 and go to KIAH


Check above for your gate, thanks for coming!

I would like a gate for a Fed-Ex Dc-10 in route to Memphis. Thanks. Can not wait to fly out of west Texas. I go to a Dear lease an hour from El Paso.

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B4 to Denver Please!

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@Luke_Sta @Airwolf you both have gates!

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Thank you! See you there :)

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Would’ve joined going to SJC if I didn’t have to go to Seattle irl on that day 😔

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Can I have B5 in a 737-700 to KSAT please?

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Done and done! Thanks for signing up!

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Gate A2 American b738 to KDFW please

All set! See you there!

I’ll take a Southwest gate

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Where to?

I can take B11 to KDEN on a Frontier Flight. I am flying in another event that day but should be done by then

Thanks for signing up, see you there!

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We’re coming up quick on this event! Join up now!