(Closed) || Vol. #4 || Weekend Flying in Africa @ FMMI - 181730ZMAY19

  • Aircraft and Livery: Boeing 737-900 Boeing Factory Livery

  • Route: FMMI - FQBR (copy my FPL once spawned)

  • Time of Departure: 2019-05-18T17:30:00Z2019-05-18T19:15:00Z (1h 47m approximate time en-route)

  • Server: Expert Server

  • Flight Profile:

Climb Rate: 2000
Climb Speed: <10,000: 240 >10,000: 300
Cruise Altitude: FL340
Cruise Speed: M 0.78
Decent Rate: -1600
Decent Speed: >10,000: 240 <10,000: 150
Touchdown Speed: 135

  • Callsign: Boeing 1074
  • Display Name: IFS

  • Additional Information:



Boeing 737:

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I Hope to See You There!

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You will be probably overspeeding at that speed at that height. Fly the speed related to M0.78 at that altitude (34000ft) - which will be around 270kts IAS (I think)

Also, in future, always list the speed in Mach Speed when the cruise is above 28000ft (FL280), as that is when Airspeed becomes Mach Speed.


Yesterday I flew at FL360 at 320 and everything was fine. No violations, No ghosting :)

Was this 320kts Airspeed or 320kts Groundspeed?

Airspeed. I was well under the red.

Ok, I will go and check this in Solo. Will get back to you. Just curious.

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The Results:

These results show that at 320kts IAS, you will be overspeeding in a 737 at 34000ft (FL340) and 36000ft (FL360). In both cases you were over the speed of sound (Mach 1) and the plane would break apart IRL.

I slowed to M0.78 (the proper 737 cruise speed) at 34000ft and came out with the numbers that indicate that you should cruise for this event at around 255kts IAS.

I would like to see a screenshot that you were able to cruise at 320kts without overspeeding at these altitudes in a 737.

Ok. I wasn’t overspeeding, but i’ll change it to M0.78.

Thanks. Please test things before giving parameters. Especially on the Expert and Training Servers.

Btw when you were supposedly not overspeeding at FL360 what server were you on

Training Server.

Also I am pleased that your reaction to my tests were not of that what usually happens and the person starts raging like a complete madman and calls me a liar.

Thanks for your cooperation and happy landings!

Captain BennyBoy

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Yeah it’s fine. Maybe I was wrong this whole time. For my next events, I’ll get to know the plane better before posting info. Thanks!

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You even going to be there, Benny?

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Oh wow, nice to see FQBR being used, sadly this event coincides with many events today, one being the IFAE // BAVA event which is why I can’t attend

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I guess @BennyBoy’s a no-show. Wheels up!


Did you copy my FPL?

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Yes I did copy it

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Nah - out at dinner with my family for my father’s birthday :)

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That’s fine. Families more important than flying :)

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