[Closed] [Vocal ATC] IFATS All Partners Landing Competition @ KJFK - 272100ZJAN18

Server: Casual

Airport: KJFK

Time: 2100Z

Notam: Hello again ladies and gentlemen, and welcome back to another vocal ATC event brought to you by the Infinite Flight Air Traffic Service (IFATS). We are a virtual organisation that provides realistic, top quality vocal air traffic control using Discord. You can join our Discord server via the link on our website. For more information about us, take a look at our VA thread.

This time we are having a landing competition with our partners. The partners that will be attending are as follows:

  • British Airways
  • Japan Airlines
  • South African
  • Tailwinds Flying Club
  • Qantas

If you are not part of any of these, you will still be able to attend by just joining the IFATS Discord.

We have chosen to host our landing competition at KJFK. The airport that VAs will be departing from differs in each VA, so please look in your VA to find out what that airport will be for you. (The one that we will provide VATC for will be KBOS). As far as we’re concerned, no gate assignments are needed, you can just show up at the time of the event (just don’t spawn at a gate that is already occupied). However, if your VA would like to assign gates, then you will of course need to sign up via your VA’s Discord/Slack (no comment is required on this thread). If you would like to comment if you think you could come, then please do so that we can get a rough idea of numbers.

The landings will take place on runway 13L, and pilots will be required to execute the Parkway visual approach. There will be two categories of winner:

  1. Best landing quality from an individual pilot
  2. Best landing quality overall from a VA

The landings will be judged on the following:

  • Ability to accurately follow the approach chart
  • Centreline accuracy
  • Touchdown markers accuracy
  • Smoothness
Approach Chart

If you have any questions or queries about the event, please PM me or another IFATS staff member, either on the IFC, or on Discord. If you would like to strengthen your skills in vocal ATC, please contact an IFATS instructor.

On behalf of the team at IFATS and all of our partners, we hope you enjoy this event. We hope to see you there!



so the atc coverage will be from 2100Z to what time?

sorry i noob, when is the event on what date and time(HKT)

ATC coverage will start at 2000Z at KBOS, where us and some of our partners are departing from. Then ATC will switch over to KJFK at 2045Z for the arrivals. It will stay online until everyone has landed hopefully. Hope this helps :)

28th January 05:00am Hong Kong Time

ok thanks may come in that case


Sign me up! Awesome event

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The event is at 2100Z today! Have you got what it takes to be crowned landing champion?! Join now! No sign up required simply head to our website https://ifats.weebly.com/ where you will find a link to our discord.

We are almost ready for departure out of KBOS. It’s not to late to join us and fly down for the landing competition between the Virtual airlines and their pilots! Join our discord for more information. Link can be found on our website.

The Scores Are In!

1st: @AirspeedAlive - 33/40
2nd: @justifyletters - 32/40
3rd: @Darragh_ODonoghue - 24/40
A huge well done to the top 3, and thank you to all the rest who took part.

Also, please join me in congratulating BAVA, who were the best VA overall.

We hope to see you all at another event like this in the near future!


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