[Closed] [Vocal ATC] IFATS 200 Members Event in Amsterdam @ EHAM - 232200ZSEP17

Server: Casual

Region: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Airport: EHAM

Time: 2200

NOTAM: Hello all! Welcome to another vocal ATC event brought to you by the Infinite Flight Air Traffic Service. We are a virtual organisation that provides professional and realistic vocal air traffic control services. Take a look at our thread for more information.

This event is to celebrate our group gaining 200 members, which was achieved on the day of our previous, and first, event. To celebrate this, we will be opening up the skies of Amsterdam with vocal ATC. We chose this region because it is where our first ever ATC session took place. You as pilots will be able to fly freely between the following airports: EHAM, EDDL and EBBR. So not just 3 different airports, but also 3 different 3 different countries! How great is that?! All you need to do in order to fly, is follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Get our discord invite from our website and join.
  2. File a flight plan in the #fss channel 10-60 minutes before departure using this format: <Callsign> <IFR/VFR> <Route e.g. EHAM-EDDL> <SID (optional)> <Cruise altitude> <Departure time>.
  3. Fly!

If any of the above is in any way confusing, we have a great document for helping you with communicating with vocal ATC. For further help, feel free to contact a staff member or an instructor.

We hope as many as possible are able to make it. See you all in the skies!




Might Be there! Need to check my Time Table first :)


Schedule cleared! I’ll be there 😀


See you then! Enjoy it.


Might be there… hope I can make it!


I really hope I can!


God I’ve always wanted to do this!!!


I’m so sorry for the mistake in this post. All has been corrected. To confirm, the event will be at 2200Z in case there was any confusion. Sorry again.

I will probably be controlling…


I thought you might.

Haha, of course! Guessing you will be KLM? ;)

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Ooh, I think I will! What else?? I’m not sure I can even attend as I gotta work early the next morning 😞

Might wanna change the time on the post George :) Still says 1800Z

I dot think it does. I thought I edited it.

It still says Time - 1800Z for me… I don’t mean the post title, I mean the main post itself.

Could you PM me a screenshot please

Nvm. I see what you mean. I’ve corrected it now.

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For anyone wishing to attend the event is tomorrow! 2200Z see you then! A link to our discord can be found on our website!


Will try to be there, although its at 3:30 am for me 😅


Sounds like fun - will try and make it but might not be there at the beginning.