[CLOSED] Virgin Atlantic Virtual Recruitment @ EGLL - 182000ZFEB17

Server: Training Server One
Region: London
When: 2000Z February 18th


We at Virgin Atlantic Virtual are pleased to announce our first event! It will be a recruitment event to help get some new pilots under our wings. This event is open to anyone, no matter your skill or grade.

We will be flying form London Heathrow (EGLL) to East Midlands (EGNX). We will be using Terminal 3 at EGLL, before departing off of runway 09R/27L. We will climb to 12,000 feet and cruise at a speed of 270 knots airspeed, before descending into runway 09/27 at East Midlands.

Routes and more details will be released two days before the event.

Aircraft : 787-9 or A340-600 in a Virgin Atlantic livery only! As this is a Virgin Atlantic Virtual event, so we will not be accepting any Virgin Australia or Virgin America aircraft.

All gates will be in Terminal 3 at London Heathrow
Gate 326: @777-200LR
Gate 328: @speedbird203
Gate 330: @Liam_purcell
Gate 311: @Jordan2
Gate 313: @PlaneGuy27550
Gate 316: @Dez
Gate 317: @Marcos_Ulisses
Gate 319: @Thomas_Ralph
Gate 321: @MyFly_Airwyas
Gate 318: @Binesh_Ashokan
Gate 320: @ Ricardo-acosta
Gate 322: @ LAHockey
Gate 323: @ Rashid
Gate 325: @ Joshua_Clarkson
Gate 327: @ Omari_Joseph
Gate 329: @ Captain28
Gate 331: @ Island1
Gate 333: @ hanvanlierde
Gate 335: @ Bananaplane
Gate 342: @ Hari_Sims
Gate 340: @ Captaink
Gate 336: @ Mateus_Araujo
Gate 334: @ Rashid
Gate 303: @ MSR
Gate 305: @ John_Ryan
Gate 307: @ airline
Gate 332:
Comment if you would like a gate.
More gates will be added if necessary.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact myself, @speedbird203, or @Liam_purcell

Interested in joining Virgin Atlantic Virtual? Check out our website for more details: http://www.imxprs.com/free/benjaminlenahan/virgin-atlantic-virtual-if
Or, click the link below to be taken to our application form:
Thank you, and we hope to see many of you there!


Could I please have a gate

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Yes, that would be great.

Hi, I will try to make it! Can I have Gate 313?

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@PlaneGuy27550 For sure! Glad you can come.

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Thanks! Do we have to have a specific call sign for the game

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Can u plz tell me the time of event?

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By the looks of the title it is 20:00Z. @777-200LR I’d suggest adding the time to the main body of text.


@PlaneGuy27550 We will, it will be Virgin and than 00_ in order if your gate number. So I would be Virgin 001, you would be Virgin 005, and so on.
@Matt_Elphick Will do.

It’s at 20:00 GMT if you need to know in your time zone tell me and I’ll work it out

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Alright, sounds good

I go by EST. The time zone for the east coast of the United States.

Should I make Virgin 005 my call sign or my display name? Infinite Flight doesn’t allow me to make a call sign more than 8 characters long. Virgin 005 in unfortunately 9 characters long.

I feel you make it your callsign it would be great. If when ur setting the callsign you click where it says Airlines then scroll down to Virgin PM me if you need help

Oh, ok thanks. I’ll see you guys then

@Liam_purcell is right. Do not spell out Virgin, select it from the Airlines.

I changed up the callsigns a little bit, due to us assigning callsigns within Virgin Atlantic Virtual, so we want to stay consistent. Check to see if yours has changed.

We will also need ATC for this event. If you are able and willing to be an ATC, please let me know.

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Sign me up! Virgin 1 7 1 2

Great to see that you can come!