[[CLOSED]]Virgin America Virtual Presents//"How high is He Going?"@ KSEA - 212300ZJUL2018

It’s that time again! It’s time for a Virgin America Virtual Event!

About This Event

This is not an ordinary one. Here at VXV, just like our (now non-existent) real-world counterpart, we like to do things a little differently. That’s why we’re hosting this event. And yes, you did read the title correctly, we’re doing aerobatics. Actually no, we’re just climbing at 4500 fpm.


Server: Casual Server
Aircraft: Airbus A320 (Virgin America Livery)

1.Please spawn 10 minutes before departure.
2. Air Traffic Control is provided through our ATC division. See below for more info.
3. The only reason this event is on the Casual Server is so we can do aerobatics. Please be respectful and maintain professionalism at all times.


  • Please Spawn 10 Minutes Prior to Departure.
  • Obey All ATC Instructions
  • Maintain Professionalism at all times

Flight Plan

Raw (Encoded)

We are cruising at FL300


We are cruising at FL300

Virgin America Virtual ATC Division (VXVATC)

At VXVATC we believe that everyone should be able to be part of a VA/VO. Including those who don’t have Pro. With VXVATC, you can control any airborne VXV Aircraft, not only that, but our team help control VXV’s events. Yep. So come on down to our website at http://bit.ly/vxvatc or if you don’t need to know any more, you can get the Discord link by messaging @KaiM or @Trevor_Austin.

Gates & ATC

KSEA Gates

Concourse A
Gate A01: @Trevor_Austin
Gate A02: @MathAviation7
Gate A03:
Gate A04:
Gate A05:
Gate A06:
Gate A07:
Gate A08:
Gate A09:
Gate A10:
Gate A11:
Gate A12:
Gate A13:
Gate A14:
Concourse B
Gate B01:
Gate B03:
Gate B04:
More Gates can be Added If Needed


All ATC is done through our ATC division. To join our discord (required) please PM @Trevor_Austin or @KaiM.

KSEA Ground: @KaiM
KSEA Tower: Vacant

KDFW Tower: Vacant
KDFW Ground: @KaiM

Join Virgin America Virtual!

For more Mood-Lit events and a fun yet proffesional envirnment, come join us!
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Awesome event you dont want to miss
Thanks to @KaiM for it

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I can make it! Please give me a gate.

Yes sir you may have a gate

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Gates Still available!

We still have some gates available, reserve your spot now!

Come on! Surely someone wants to have some airliner aerobatics fun!

Trevor you know anything about the posititon

@Trevor_A is currently unavailable. Is there anything I can help you with? What do you mean by the position?

Oh nothing it’s just for staff

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What day is this event?

@JulianQ Depends where you are located. If you’re West of London, it is a Friday. If you’re in or East of London, it’s a Saturday. This will give you a time already converted to your time zone:
July 21, 2018 1:00 AM (Europe: Paris), July 20, 2018 4:00 PM (America: Los Angeles)
From there, just use a calendar to look up what day it is in your Reigon.

Kind Regards,

We are having vocal ATC


Thanks a lot😁.
Much appreciated

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Hey @darkeyes

Since we have ceased operations has a VA this event will no longer take place.

That’s my bad for not closing the event

Sorry for the inconvenience