[Closed] Video Shoot @ KSAN - 122100ZSEP15

I’ll be filming KSAN traffic in the socal region on the playground server between 2100 and 2200 Zulu ( in nearly an hours time ). If you want to be in the video, just depart or arrive within this period and I should capture it.



I’ll be there!!! I’m going to lax start up right now. I’ll be delta 4210, a 737-900. Don’t forget to make it sunset

Sounds good. I’ll be starting in 18 minutes from now. I’ll be using noon time for most clarity.

I will start right now and will be an A380

Will be there.

I am speedbird 32- A380… This is at ATC play ground right ??

Yep ATC playground, see you there.

Yes it’s playground @The_Atwood_Family

I am Japan Air 187 Heavy (B772)

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Taking off runway 23 at KNUC right now

Typing with phone playing with IPAD :)

I will try to be there in an F14…FRHT451

Will be inbound N435BT

Ahh no I can’t come actually sorry

JAL 187 Heavy passengers de boarded, luggage de boarding, loading fuel…

I will be in an f22

Thanks everyone, just finished filming, will upload to YouTube ASAP. If you didn’t make the aim markers, your aircraft’s image might not have rendered in time during busy periods, next time I will host at a quiet airport to avoid this issue.

Had to go around like 5 times. Was the Swiss A330

I noticed, I captured your touch and goes, very smooth. Atleast once, the ATC cleared a departure when you were on short final.

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What will the video be called on YouTube ???

Will look forward to the video. Thanks for filming. <3

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