(closed) Velder Airways VA recruitment event @ KFLL - 021800ZAPR17

Hey Guys since Velder Airways has been approved we have decided to do a recruitment event so come one come all to the Velder Airways recruitment event!!

Day of event: 04/02/2017

Server: Training

Region: South Florida


B01: @Collin_Mihalovich
B02: @J9J9T
B03: @AmericanAirlines2739
B04: @Squiffy

Time: 1800 ZULU

So join us on this wonderful flight with this wonderful Virtual airline!!


Your title was slightly incorrect. Mind clarifying what day this event is going to be on?

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Sorry just fixed it …

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It’s still incorrect. What day and month is it on?

There you go I put the date in

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Good luck this time. Seems like the recent one didnt go as planned.

No not really lol 😂 g

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But I’m very glad you did it again!

Thanks @Aussie_Wombat

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Bumping up topic…

We need people to join any pilot who is or wants to be in Velder Airways should ask

can i have a gate please

Yes you may…,

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thank you very much sir

I’d like to join the fun at gate 3BO3

Alright see you there!!

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Can I fly the 777 300er please it would be great fun for me

You can fly the 787-8, 717, 737-800, bombardier dash, or the 747-200

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Can I have a gate please

How do I join the flight