(Closed) Velder Airways VA Countdown to Easter @ KTPA - 080200ZAPR17

Server: Training Server

Region: South Florida

Airport: KTPA-KRSW

Time: 2400 Zulu

NOTAM: Hello aviation enthusiasts!! Velder Airways has decided that we are going to do a special Countdown to Easter Series Everyday starting from Today to Easter Day we will bring you a mini event every single day!!
Today we are flying from Tampa Int’l to Southwest Florida Int’l in a 737-800 or 737-700 in any of the Southwest liveries.

Plan: We will take off from RWY 4L at Tampa Int’l and land at RWY 23 at KRSW

Cruising altitude: 14000 FT
Cruising Speed: 335 KTS

Gates: (At KTPA)
A04: @Collin_Mihalovich
A05: @
A06: @
A07: @
A08: @
A09: @
A10: @
A11: @
A12: @
A13: @

(More gates will be added if needed)

We at Velder think this will be a great experience, So come on out and fly your way into Easter!!!

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We need some pilots for the event

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People will join if they want to, don’t beg or bump the topic.

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Ok sorry …,…

The correct time is actually 0000Z. I already changed it for you in the title. :)

spawn into your gates in about an hour and 15 minutes

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To Anybody who reads this message:
We are spawning into our gates in 15 minutes if you are attending PM me and I will ad you if nobody comes I will postpone it until tomorrow

If you are seeing this SPAWN IN AT A GATE that is available to spawn into

Remember any southwest airline liveries

WE will be trying this again at 0200 Zulu anyone interested please PM me

If you are coming spawn into gate A05-A13
Remember any southwest livery

The event has been cancelled cause nobody showed up which is pretty pathetic

Dude relax. If no one showed up, evaluate what you did wrong and fix that. No need to call it pathetic. Consider it s learning experience.

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Sorry @SkyHighGuys just hurts not to succeed ☹️

I just wish I could get this VA up and running

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It seems as though you need some assistance. Why not open up a thread for your VA? :)

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We already have one…

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Start posting on it, maybe update it.

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A actually am not the CEO @Seb2104 is

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Things to help next time:

• Announce the event further in advance. Make sure people have more time to see the event before it begins. Given the nine hours you provided, a lot of people may have not seen this post.

• Give your event or VA some flash. I am not saying that yours is bland, but make your VA have something that will draw people to it. This also goes for your events. Make them unique and different, so it can interest people to participate. Take FVA for example. Near all of their events have an interesting idea that really draws.

Good luck next time, but like @SkyHighGuys said, do not call it pathetic. With time, it will work out. Happy skies! :)