(Closed) Velder Airways Race to KSAN @ KONT - 291600ZAPR17

Server: Casual

Region: Southern California

Airport: KONT

Time: *1600 Zulu *

NOTAM: ** Hello there everyone!!
On this Velder Airways Adventure we are in the SoCal region for a race unlike any other!
Here is how things are going to work. You will spawn in at the gate that is reserved for you. Whenever you are there, wait for the signal to start your pushback. That is when the real race begins!!

When you takeoff from any available RWY (Has to be green or Orange) you will fly on over to KSAN (San Diego Int’l airport) and land at an available RWY (Green or Orange Marking). The first to land at KSAN and taxi to their reserved gate at KSAN is the winner!!

Oh Ya and did I mention that the signal to push back at KONT is when 3 F-22’s fly over your head at 300 FT!! When and if you you are one of the F-22’s flying over to officially start the Event, I will PM you before the event to discuss the speed, and the other information that we will need to make a perfect flyover!

Gates: (KONT)
1-31: @Binesh_Ashokan
1-32: @Abhishek_Bhattachary
1-33: @Lalika_Kaponay
1-34: @Kizzyjet
1-35: @SF34
1-36: @GZhynko
1-37: @Tile_Rifted
1-38: @Jenkins
1-39: @

Gates: (KSAN)
Gate 01: @Binesh_Ashokan
Gate 02: @Abhishek_Bhattachary
Gate 03: @Lalika_Kaponay
Gate 04: @Kizzyjet
Gate 05: @SF34
Gate 06: @GZhynko
Gate 07: @Tile_Rifted
Gate 08: @Jenkins
Gate 09: @
(More gates will be added if needed)

(Like I said before there will be a flyover that tells the pilots in the race to pushback.)

F-14 #1: Collin_Mihalovich
F-14 #2: @Kirito_77
F-14 #3: @AmericanAirlines2739

The Plane that you will be flying in the race will be an A321 in the Vietnam Airlines livery!

This event is meant to be challenging yet fun at the same time. So come on down to SoCal to race in the skies!!

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Need one gate please

Okay see you there!!

I can arrange an f22 flyby. Why f22, f14 is so much nicer to fly, especially at low altitudes

It is fine I’ll be an F-22 and you can be an F-14 okay??

Yeah that sounds good. What time is that GMT

It would be the same time as it says on the event title 1600Z or 4:00 PM

Ok thanks gggggggggggg

How can you get ATC on casual server? Is there some secretive magical way that only you know?

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There is no ATC on the casual server

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Can i have a gate pls…

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Yes sir see ya there!

Can I have a gate thx :)

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Of course see you there!

Can I have a gate please 😀

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Yes you may see you there!

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What time should I be there?

I will contact you when I want everyone to spawn in

Ok great!! Thanks :)

Can I have this gate or f14