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Welcome to Air Austral and Air Austral Regional!

We are a new Virtual Airline
We currently have 3 aircraft: Airbus A380-800 Boeing, 777-200LR and the beautiful Boeing 787-8 Dream)liner

Here at Air Austral we strive to make travelling easier and more affordable for more people throughout the world.
We currently only have 8 routes available but we will have a huge amount when Global Flight is released, so stay tuned:

  1. KLAX-KSAN (A380) Air Austral
  2. KSAN-KLAX (A380) Air Austral
  3. YSSY-YSCB (787) Air Austral Regional
  4. KLAX-KSAN-KPSP (772LR) Air Austral
  5. KNUC-KONT (787) Air Austral
  6. YSCB-YSSY-YSCB (A380) Air Austral
  7. YSCB-YSSY (772LR) Air Austral Regional
  8. YSSY-YSRI( 772LR) Air Austral Regional

More routes will be available for the A380 but just for now we are staying with two routes.

We don’t currently have a website but, the website is in production we will post another Topic when the website is available. If you want to join please PM me. People Grade 2 and over are allowed to join the Virtual Airline. Iy doesn’t matter how much xp you have as long as your a grade 2 pilot. Our routes will expand massively when Global Flight is released, we are already planning routes for you guys when Global comes out.
For now our hubs are at Southern California at KLAX and KSAN, Over in the Sydney region YSSY (Sydney Kindsford Smith)

Please wait until you are TL2 to make a Virtual Airline. You are currently TL1. You can improve your trust level by reading, liking and commenting. Have a nice day!
Here more information about trust levels: